• Recurring nausea is characterized by a consistent queasy feeling in the stomach. Although there are a variety of factors that can cause nausea, most cases last only a few hours or days. However, certain conditions may cause recurring nausea that can last several weeks or months.


    Nausea occurs when the vomiting center in the brain becomes triggered. Although occasional nausea is not a cause for concern, recurring nausea might indicate a serious health problem.


    Recurring nausea commonly occurs during the early stages of pregnancy. According to the University of Washington Division of Gastroenterology, recurring nausea typically begins soon after the first missed menstrual period and lasts until the fourth month of pregnancy.


    An extensive array of inflammatory conditions can occur within the abdomen, causing abdominal pain and recurring nausea. These inflammatory responses include appendicitis, pancreatitis, peritonitis and inflammatory bowel disease.


    Many medications are known to cause nausea when taken as prescribed. If the recurring nausea begins shortly after a new medication is started, the medication is likely the cause.


    Recurring nausea can also be caused by a psychological disorder. For example, stress, anxiety and depression have all been known to cause nausea. Since these disorders typically last for extended periods of time, the nausea is recurring.


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  • not sure but i heard ginger is good for nausea
  • maybe pregnancy
  • you might be pregnant

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