• Deer ticks can be a nuisance. Worse, a bite from a deer tick can cause Lyme disease. To prevent Lyme disease, you want to remove as many of the ticks from your yard or your property as you can. If a deer tick does bite you, you want to remove it from your body as soon as possible to reduce the chances of getting Lyme disease. Keep in mind that not everyone who gets a tick bite gets Lyme disease, but you should always take precautions.

    In Your Yard

    Eliminate many of the deer ticks in your yard and surrounding property by keeping the grass and the weeds mowed. Deer ticks thrive in the weeds and long grasses. If you do have to go out in the weeds, make sure you wear long pants. It is also a good idea to wear long socks and pull them up over your pant legs to prevent them from getting under your clothes. Spread some chemicals that reduce the number of deer ticks in your yard. Look for insecticide that kills deer ticks. Spray your yard in the late spring or early summer and then again in the fall. Keep your yard clear of low-hanging branches, as ticks will fall out of these and into your hair. Also, if you have bird feeders, keep the area underneath free of seed. Birdseed attracts squirrels and squirrels attract ticks.

    On Your Body

    Keep ticks off your body by protecting yourself with the proper clothing when entering weeds or long grasses where ticks tend to live. Wear long pants and sleeves. Remove all clothing as soon as possible upon entering the house. Try not to walk all over the place as the deer ticks may fall off your clothing and onto furniture. Shower before putting on clean clothes. Hot water will wash away some of the deer ticks that may be wandering around on your body looking for a good place to eat. Check yourself over. Make sure to check all the naturally warm places on your body such as your armpits and private areas as ticks like these types of places. Have someone help you by looking through your hair, which deer ticks hide in. If you feel an itch anywhere, check it to make sure a deer tick has not bitten you. Remove ticks that have bitten you in different ways. Some people prefer some ways while other people prefer others. Light a match and hold it up as close to the tick as you can without burning yourself, until the tick backs itself out of your skin. You could also use a lighter for this since the flame lasts longer than a match. Use some tweezers to grab a hold of the deer tick and pull him out. Make sure you remove the head as well as the body. You can also smother the tick. Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and hold it over the tick. Leave this there until the tick pulls itself out because it cannot breathe.

    Source: Get Rid of Ticks

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  • Keep your grass short. Spray pyrethrum into the yard and grass outside the yard. Soak cotton balls in pyethrums and leave them where the carriers ( mice) will find the cotton balls and use them to line their nests. That kills the ticks on the mice. Very important as that is the life cycle of the tick that carries the disease. After the ticks g Dig into the dear, they are not poisonous when they drop of the deer. Don't ask please. Those are the facts, but I don't understand why.

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