• A family law paralegal handles several responsibilities for an attorney in a family-law firm. Although paralegals cannot give legal advice to clients or represent clients in court, paralegals can perform some tasks that lawyers used to do some time ago. In other words, paralegals are an important part of providing successful cases in today's court systems.


    To become a family law paralegal, the candidate must have experience working in a law firm, preferably in a family law, and have either an associate degree or certificate in paralegal studies.


    Responsibilities for a family law paralegal include obtaining and preparing evidence for hearings and trials, researching and confirming whether information obtained is accurate and can be used for specific cases, preparing written reports for cases and arranging legal arguments if an attorney decides to file a lawsuit.

    Additional Responsibilities

    In addition to the essential tasks for the position, family law paralegals also have to assist lawyers during trials, obtain affidavits, track files on important cases and discuss cases with lawyers and court officials in a professional manner.

    Work Environment

    As a family law paralegal, the individual will work mainly in the law office and will have minimal travel to gather materials. Individuals who are interested in this field must be able to handle confidential information pertaining to clients as well as work under extreme deadlines to carry out materials for court proceedings.


    According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average salary for paralegals are between $36,080 and $59,310, given the education, experience, the company's size and the geographic region in which the position is held. Along with the position's earnings, paralegals can receive added incentives, including medical, dental and vision insurance, paid vacation and sick leave, bonuses, and tuition reimbursement.


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