• When a printer jams up and your printing history begins to build, it is sometimes necessary to delete these print jobs before you overload your HP printer. With so many things occurring at once and your head boggling at the thought of having to fix your printer, you may begin to wonder how you can delete the print history so you don't get twelve copies of your report when the printer is fixed. This is an easy process that can be done in seconds.

    Cancel Your Prints

    To delete the files straight from the computer, either double-click the small printer in the corner of your screen to access the files, or go into your Control Panel and find the Printers application and open it. You can now see all of the jobs currently in the print history that are waiting to be printed. To cancel a single document, right-click on it and select Cance,l or to cancel all of the documents, go to Printer and select Cancel All Documents.

    Delete Print History From Your HP Printer

    The easiest and most effective way is to press the Cancel button on your HP until it clears all of the jobs. Depending on your HP printer, you may have to do it multiple times before all of the jobs are clear or once for it to recognize you wish to clear off its history. If this does not work you can shut off and turn it back on, many printers will erase all jobs once the HP printer has turned off.


    Microsoft: How to Cancel Printing or to Delete Printing History

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