• Metal is the best conductor of heat among the choices of metal, plastic and wood. "Metals usually conduct heat extremely well, which explains the use of iron and copper in cooking utensils," writes the University of Virginia Physics Department website. "Materials such as plastic, glass or wood do not conduct well."


    University of Virginia Physics Department: Heat Conduction

    • Murgatroyd
      You don't need to consult the physics department of a university to answer this question, Know-It-All. If you lived up to your name you would have posted an answer like mine when this question was first posted. Lol:)
  • Metal, of course. You only need to use spoons to know that. Just place some soup in a pan to heat it up, and stir it with a spoon while it is heating. You have a choice of three spoons, one metal, one plastic and one wood. You'll soon notice it's the metal one that gets hot fast when you burn your fingers on it.

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