• Nuclear radiation will affect the human body according to the amount of nuclear energy that is absorbed into an individual's system. Other factors also will help to determine the potential health effects from nuclear radiation exposure.

    Radiation Dose

    Health physicists defines radiation dose as the amount of nuclear energy absorbed by the body. The higher the dose, the more biological damage will occur. The energy that is absorbed by gram per body tissue is called a rad. Rads are converted to rems, and rems determine the potential of radiation damage.

    Early Symptoms

    Early radiation systems are similar to the problems associated with the flu. These symptoms include nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

    Blood System

    People who are exposed to 100 rems will experience a reduction in blood count, leaving them more exposed to infection.


    The brain is not affected by radiation exposure unless the rems are 5,000 or greater. Exposure for this area of the body will kill small blood vessels and nerve cells.


    Rem counts that exceed 1,000 will cause immediate damage to small blood vessels and the possibility of heart failure. There are some instances where this amount of exposure could even cause death.


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