• No, I am an atheist. A virgin, and I celibate Xmas and New Year and my birthday.....
    • Bootsiebaby
      We know you are a virgin, you mentioned it in one of your other postings. How old did you say you were? 48, wasn't it? I might well be a grandmother by the time I reach 48. My son will have turned 21 by then and he might well have become a father by then. I bet you will still be a virgin then.
    • Beach_Niki
      I am a Christian but I am definitely not celibate. The Lord made our bodies pleasurable. Why deny it!
  • Yes, I am Christian. No, I am not virgin and not celibate. The Bible does not require me to be virgin so I lost mine over 60 years ago. I am not celibate because that is against the Word of the Lord God. What is the reason for your question?
  • Yes, no, no. Strange combination of questions!

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