• Yes and that's what voters want.
  • 8-16-2017 The USA has always been a nation of immigrants. What you are suggesting is to abolish the American way.
    • Army Veteran
      No, he's suggesting that people like you read the Constitution and learn the difference between "legal" and "illegal".
  • thats up to whatever they decide to do, i dont think we have any control over it
    • Jewels Vern
      Baloney. The only reason there is a fence along the Mexican border is that American citizens demanded it. Prior to WW2 there was nothing at all to mark the border.
  • The Berlin wall was designed to keep the people INSIDE east Berlin, not to keep them out. Machine gun towers and riflemen and bodies hung up in barbed wire are a bit ghastly, IMHO.
    • Army Veteran
      "In" or "out" - what's the difference? Ever read up on the history of the Berlin Wall? It's quite interesting.
  • The one thing I favored was having Germans build the border wall using the same plans they used for the Berlin Wall. With so many potentially lethal obstacles, not a single illegal immigrant would have made it through. I don't agree that they should give the illegals already here a period to get legal. The number of illegals already here are draining our resources, and they number way more than what is Constitutionally allowed per year. I've seen the Berlin Wall from both sides and I can say that it was a very effective deterrent from anyone trying to force their way through - complete with minefields, electric fencing, vicious dogs that roamed freely on a walkway, hedgehogs, and guard towers with two very armed guards.
    • Charin Cross
      sounds like the DMZ. since America's kindness and generosity has been abused and used against us, I would not be at all adverse to a wall like that. People would have no choice but to come here the right way.
  • build the wall and deport the criminal illegals
  • No. That's double-minded. "Everyone who managed to sneak in before now, you can stay. Everyone who tries to sneak in after now will be shot." OR -- if it's REALLY "a Berlin style wall" - "Everyone who tries to sneak OUT after now will be shot..."
  • Don't be stupid and insular. The US is the only country in the world which does not allow for claims to be done cross border - hence no such as "illegal" until proven in a court of law. Those people HAVE to cross the border to make their claims. They are not "illegal" until they have had their day in court. Also, walls don't work - they didn't work in Berlin, the occupying state of Israel, or in North Korea.

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