• Milk, my mom let me suck whenever I wished!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Mine wouldn't let me. She said she saw us as "just friends".
  • Not a food, but -- Sunny Delight. Or Sunny-D. That sugar syrup kids love, but no adult can drink without vomiting.
  • Spaghetti and meat balls!
  • Brown sugar pies
  • My family was very poor, so either beans and rice, or elbow noodles in tomato sauce.
  • Spaghetti, hot dogs, peanut butter and jelly and waffles. Stuff that was cheap forr my mom to make for 5 starving kids.
  • I would say cheeseburgers. One of my favorite foods of all time.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent~ Hey I remember you from the old site! Welcome
  • Egg custard pudding. Mom never made it again after I was 5.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      What's egg custard pudding? We used to have Bird's hot custard poured over a slice of hot strawberry-rhubarb pie (or piece of spice cake), in a bowl, for desert, in England. (And of course they call dessert "pudding" over there. So I'm never sure where everyone is from here, they may mean pudding, or they may mean pudding. BUt if you did mean that hot custard poured over a hot slice of apple crumb pie in a bowl..oh man!! I'm in the States now, but I can get the Bird's custard mix at Shaws, and I find though that I have to ignore the directions and use a lot less sugar then we did in the 60's! :D wow, that would be too sweet otherwise. But it's still a wonderful dessert (pudding). Maybe you should treat yourself to a memory in a bowl! (And have the full experience too, find an old show you loved years ago, on you tube, and watch it in your socks and eat your pudding. :) Why not! No one's lookin.
  • Country fried steak...I grew up on a farm.
  • chicken
  • ENGLAND: ~~~hot strawberry rhubarb pie (or a piece of spice cake, or apple crumb pie) in a bowl, with hot custard poured over it ~~~ toast made by pre-buttering the bread and putting it on the wire grill over the fireplace to toast it that way...served with chocolate milk, and F-Troop, for elevenses ~~~ FAVORITE BREAKFAST: real marmalade on a toasted muffin, with tea. WOW. (Americans: you haven't got a clue what real marmalade actually is. I know. I live here now. And I wouldnt give Shmuckers to a hated enemy and call it edible. Real marmalade does NOT have "corn syrup" in it. It's made from Spanish oranges and real cane sugar and nothing else, and it tastes divine. *sigh* ... But we moved to the UNITED STATES when I was 12: things I remember here include "franks & beans" (in a can, and the franks were minis, loved that!); and also American Chop Suey with green beans and buttered french bread, at school (with chocolate milk.) ALSO the Saturday cartoons often included a new cereal with the new Saturday morning lineup each year....and I loved every bit of that.
  • Oh and what about the candy from back then? I found some French Burnt Peanuts at Walgreens recently. First time I've seen those anywhere IN DECADES. I also saw a Charleston Chew somewhere, but all they had was vanilla ( s**theads). No chocolate? No strawberry? :{ (it's okay I dont have the teeth to chew something like that anymore anyway!
  • Tuna fish casserole with sea shell macaroni and rhubarb pie. My mother could make both like I have never had since.
  • I remember vomiting mackerel patties once.

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