• A firm but polite "No, thank you, I'm not interested" delivered in a way that lets them know you say that a lot works best. Look at them when you say it but then take your attention off them. Above all don't continue to discuss it with them - you have made your decision and that is it. If you are sitting with them and they keep on get up and go elsewhere. Understand that being shot down is not easy though a lot of guys get so accustomed to it they become inured to the hurt. Some try to save face by keeping on or asking why or protesting but once you have said no do not entertain any further discussion of it.
  • I just say "NO!".
    • Azlotto
      Isn't that a Billy Squier tune?
  • I wouldn't have to...My wife would say it for me and I'm sure she wouldn't take the polite approach.
  • Nicely but firmly, "No."
  • It depends on how you are asked. If the guy is pushy and aggressive, say "No thanks," loudly and emphatically and then pay the guy no attention at all. If the guy is gentle and considerate, still say "No," but be kind. Tell him something good about him, thank him for asking and giving you a choice, and even take some of the blame (i.e. say that you are not feeling well or that you are just getting off a bad relationship and need some time and space.) The pushy guy deserves no respect, but keep in mind that to a man sex is a measure of their self-worth. It is important to a man to feel desirable and wanted, so when a man is kind and respectful, be gentle. No matter what, he'll be hurt, but it will speak well of you if you make that hurt just a little less painful.
  • Just say "NO" - firmly, no arguments - walk away if necessary. If he persists either call for help or kick him where it hurts and run.
  • I just say "no" in a polite but firm manner.
  • I simply say "no", and if he persists in not taking "no" for an answer I kick him with my platform boots.
  • A simple "No" should be all that is required.
  • Just say you do not want to have sex with him or just say no. Depends on if you want a relationship at all. If you do then turn him down politely, if not no explanation is required.

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