• I think a guy that likes to look at porn should find someone who likes to look at porn with him. I think a woman who likes phone sex should find someone who also likes phone sex. If you want an exclusive relationship you should be loyal and faithful and not flirt outside your relationship unless its mutually agreed upon BEFORE HAND. In more simple terms you should find out if you are sexually compatible through discussion before you enter a relationship, not try to change the one you're with. And contrary to popular belief, not all men look at porn, some men respect their wives, and some partners are faithful in mind and body. Frankly I don't want to be sexual with someone I don't know. I might flirt with them though, provided I'm not in an exclusive relationship. Some say all is fair in love and war. I did something to get even once and it made me feel like crap what's more I also eventually screwed up and wished I hadn't done the intentional getting even bit. What's more important than "what's fair" is whether or not it will make you happy in the long run. Also if you're in a relationship you should work at building each other up not tearing each other or the relationship apart. If you're doing vengeful things you may as well walk away.
  • i think theyre right
  • Since virtually all guys view porn at least occasionally the guys you are talking about are honest and all other guys lie. Since the vast majority of females have no where near the same attraction to porn they don't understand it but identifying all guys as perverts is simply pointless. To isolate the honest guys as perverts (not being OK) is totally ridiculous.
    • Linda Joy
      Care to answer the second part of her question? "Would it be okay with you if she was getting off to a guy she doesn't know talking to her on the phone. I mean fair is fair isn't it?"

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