• It is all a perspective thing. I have heard some homosexuals say that why would God make them that way if he did not approve? Also, homosexuality is not a lifestyle, it is they way some people are, same as you or I may be heterosexual, that is just how it is.
      The problem with such reasoning: The sin under discussion is willfully engaging in a homosexual act. God did not make homosexuals. We know this because babies don't pop out whilst engaging in homosexual acts. Just like heterosexual fornication or more serious sins such as murder, etc., the sin is engaging in the sinful act willfully...not in desiring to sin. We ALL desire to sin, though we don't all have the same sort of sinful desires. EXAMPLE: Desiring to steal something is not a sin. Such a person is not a thief. Acting to steal something is sin, and the person who does so is a thief. As long as the desire is not acted on, the desiring person has committed no sin and is not condemned and is not characterized as a thief. LIKEWISE: Desiring to engage in sinful sexual acts is not sin. Acting to engage in sinful sexual acts is. The same is true of any sin.
  • "Approves"? I thought "he" loved everybody unconditionally.
    • Glenn Blaylock
      God does love everyone. However, that does not mean that He approves of everyone's behavior. God does not approve of lying, murder, idol worship, or sexual immorality. To try to twist God's word to say that he doesn't care how we behave is to paint him in the same light as a parent who allows his children to run wild and refuses to impose any discipline on them at all. You know the kind of parent to which I refer. The kind that will do whatever it takes to protect his children from violations of the law.
  • Why was this same question that was asked yesterday flagged as "nonsense"? It makes plenty of sense to me. I re-posted this question just so I could get some negative points.
  • Why do people think that promiscuity is alright when the Bible clearly condemns it? Pick your sin. People have a tendency to ignore and/or try to change the meaning of verses to suit their own ideas rather than accepting what God has said. These people don't want to change their sinful lifestyles. So, they change the word of God to make their sins acceptable.
  • First of all, not "everything in the Bible" says it's wrong. There are a few passages in nearly 2,000 pages of text. Most of them appear in Leviticus, a book containing very specific laws devised in order to keep the Jews healthy and pure from other races. Secondly, reading the Bible and taking it as the word of God and reading it with an academic and historical perspective will yield very different interpretations. Incidentally, Jesus never uttered a single word regarding homosexuality. Sterility, mentioned in that very same book, was also considered a sin and punishable. So was eating certain foods. People who cite the Bible as the reason homosexuality is wrong usually don't even know the text in context and seem to have no compunction in picking a choosing what they like to use to enforce intolerance.
  • I know a lot of Christians who "interpret" the Bible, and while acknowledging that Jesus didn't get rid of the original order, believe that he changed the laws - thus things like "don't eat shellfish" and "if you talk against your parents you'll get put to death" are no longer relevant. Also, a LOT of people who consider themselves Christians and believe in God have never really studied the Bible and mostly believe in what they believe in out of complacency - it's just what they've been brought up in. For example they might look at the world and go "there's nothing wrong with being gay, God is good, God couldn't condemn it", and they decide that their god hasn't got a problem with it - basing their thoughts of god on their own beliefs, not on a religious text etc. They go one step further and fix this image onto the Abrahamic god (because that's what they've been raised around) and ding ding ding! God approves of them. Doesn't mean diddly-squat to me, I'm an atheist. Though I must say, when I believed in God, even in Jesus, I still thought the Bible to be bunk - just that some of the stuff it reported on was true. Basically I thought of God as just being this loving thing with no power, humans having the power to do what was right or wrong.
  • Because the bible isnt real,some body wrote it its only a story! Thought your god loved all???What a hypercritical religion! LIve and let live so what if some one is Gay!!!
  • Because He does.
  • Because a person can believe in God but not the Bible.
  • Oh bloody hell. Where do I even start on this. Firstly, the bible is full of contradictions and every religion reads it selectively, as do you. Did I not read somewhere in Sunday school that we should love our fellow man? Secondly, I don't much care what the bible or god says - they are irrelevant to my life - I'll try to duck the thunderbolt. Lastly, if you believe that god created us, he made me this way - did he make a mistake or maybe do you think he knew what he was doing even though you are incapabile of understanding or accepting it?
  • I guess their version of the Bible was translated differently than yours.....
  • Thinking God "approves" of one's lifestyle isn't a GLB problem, it's human nature. We all try to justify the things we do that either we know are wrong, or that others try to tell us are wrong. We think, 'Oh, that rule doesn't apply to me because...' or 'Oh, well, that wasn't a very specific rule so...' As Christians our job is twofold: 1)to try to live without justifying, and 2)to loving show others that they can too. Because God doesn't approve when I lie, when I gossip, when I get roadrage and cuss people out, but he still loves me and wants a relationship with me. It's the same with homosexuals. We are called to see a need for change in our lives, recognize that we can't make that change happen, come to God first, and let him change us as He sees fit.
  • There is no God,only gods and Goddess's,they dont disaprove!!! whats the problem?
  • I feel that God made me the way I am. Since God makes no mistakes, then that has to imply that I'm the way he wants me to be. The Bible has been translated and re-translated so many times, that the original meaning of those wonderful words have been lost to the bias of the people doing the translation. If the Bible is studied in it's truest forms, what people keep condemming me for, is not mentioned anywhere. I don't blindly follow the Bible, nor do I selectively follow it. I research the Bible all the way back as far as I can and that is what I strive to follow. Man says that homosexuality is wrong, not God. Don't put words in his mouth. He is perfectly capable of making his feelings about something quite clearly known.
    • Army Veteran
      God made you. Period. He made you in His image, the same as anyone else ("image" isn't what you think it is). But **YOU** made you what you are through the decisions **YOU** have made. Making poor decisions is not on God's shoulders.
  • Are you talking about Christian gays and lesbians?
    • Army Veteran
      Calling yourself "Christian" doesn't necessarily make you one.
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      No it certainly doesn't. lol
  • i personally dont believe everything in the Bible - it was written by man - and i am not a religious person (more wars are fought over religious differences than anything else) but some ppl tell me that Jesus loves everybody. That makes him a cool dude.
  • Would this be the same Bible that says bats are "birds" rather than mammals? The same Bible that says Pi (3.14 etc.) equals 3? Dunno. Who could argue with such logic?
  • Because 7 passages condemn homosexuality in the entire bible, whereas there are thousands of passages mentioning how we should love everyone, and be peaceful, and kind, and let God judge others. I am not personally a Christian, though I have read the Bible from beginning to end. I do not identify with any religion, nor am I agnostic. I believe in God, a higher being, a higher power. If that higher power created the Bible, which is to me a very real possibility, I don't think he or she meant it to be read word for word. I think that like all other books, it's intended to be read as a whole, and that you're supposed to get the overall message: BE A GOOD PERSON! The Bible preaches love, both platonic and otherwise. God did not give us a reason in the Bible as to why homosexuality is wrong, to him, and I haven't heard a single persuasive argument as to why it would offend him. Why does God care if I love my girlfriend? I'm not hurting other people, I'm not hurting her, I'm not hurting myself. It hurts me to not be with her. I don't see why that would offend God. is an interesting site, which you might want to check out, just for your own curiosity, about the Bible and homosexuality.
    • Army Veteran
      "God did not give us a reason in the Bible as to why homosexuality is wrong..." - this is your first mistake. God doesn't have to justify Himself. He doesn't answer to man, man answers to him. Your next mistake is being a pacifist. Your Que Sera Sera outlook is something straight out of a Doris Day performance - "whatever will be, will be". The Bible says that homosexuality is wrong - period. Take it for what it says and don't try to justify your transgressions because you don't like what the Bible says.
  • both quotes from Lev condemn idol worship. the same with Romans. the other two condemn adultery and fornication. we can hardly be held to task for adultery and fornication if the churches in alliance with the gov. deny us access to marriage.
  • Because they are wrongly convinced that God loves all of his children. Take a look at the world around you and tell me that's true. Of course, that's if there is a god.
  • A lot has been said about what Jesus did or did not have to say about homosexuality. Jesus Christ is the core of Christianity. Yet today many people seem to consider homosexuality to be the single most important issue before Christians. African Anglicans claim that homosexual acts are sinful. Others use the words of the Bible to deny gays basic human rights and equal protections, such as the right to marry. Or they use the Bible to justify abusing and even murdering gays. It is hard to believe that Jesus would have been completely silent about something so important. Yet the claim is that, somehow, he was. But that claim is wrong. Jesus did speak of homosexual acts. Specifically he said: "There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him" Those are the words of Jesus Christ, from Mark 7. The simplest thing to do is just to compare homosexual acts to that statement. Do homosexual acts involve something entering into a man from without? Why yes, they do. So we know by Jesus’s own words that they do not defile a man -- they are not sinful. That is simple, direct, and accurate. One either does or does not believe that Jesus Christ knew what he was talking about, meant what he said, and did not lie. Anyone who imagines that he finds something in the New Testament that contradicts this fact is, quite simply, wrong. Jesus Christ himself says they are wrong, and he should know.
  • God didn't write the bible, Jesus and a bunch of other guys did.
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      Have you prepared a meal using a recipe? Did you write the cookbook it came from? Just because God didn't "write" the Bible doesn't mean it's any less valid.
  • "Live and let live" Confront the pimps and drug dealers with a bit of your preaching maybe. Does "everything" in the Bible say THAT is wrong?
  • Adam and Eve. PERIOD. If homosexuality was something of God, he would have created intimacy between the same sexes. DUH! And umm...of course those who are blind from the truth are going to sit here and find a bunch of things wrong with the Bible because they love their sin. Their sin is NOT of God. Imagine people: Heaven. is God REALLY going to allow homosexual acts in HEAVEN???? WOW.....get a life.
  • Maybe because the Bible was written by men, and men aren't perfect. Maybe because frustrating love doesn't make sense. Maybe before picking out the mote in the eye of the nearest gay or lesbian, you should pick out the beam in your own. Whatever happened to "working out your own salvation with fear and trembling"? I'll tell you: it's far less demanding to work out someone else's. If you really believe in prayer, you'll spend more time praying for the message you believe in to get through than in arguing about it.
  • Why do you insist on worshiping Jesus when more than half of the Bible and the first of the 10 Commandments says it's a sin? You know the one - "I am YVHV your Elohim... Thou shalt have NO other gods before me"!
  • 1) The Bible is just a theory about God, one among many others. Or do you think that the Bible has exclusive rights on God? 2) Actually, even in the Bible, there is more than one idea of God. And I don't even consider the *translations* and the *interpretations* of the Bible, which are so numerous as the Christian Churches. 3) "Liberal Christians believe that Biblical passages have been mistranslated or that these passages do not refer to LGBT orientation as currently understood. Liberal Christian scholars, like conservative Christian scholars, accept earlier versions of the Bible in Hebrew or Greek. However, within these early Bibles there are many terms that liberals have interpreted differently to previous generations of scholars. They are concerned with copying errors, forgery, and biases among the translators of later Bibles. They consider some verses such as those supporting slavery or the inferior treatment of women as not being valid today, and against the will of God present in the context of the Bible. They cite these issues when arguing for a change in theological views on sexual relationships to what they claim is an earlier view. They differentiate among various sexual practices, treating rape, prostitution, or temple sex rituals as immoral and those within committed relationships as positive regardless of sexual orientation. They view certain verses, which they believe refer only to homosexual rape, as not relevant to consensual homosexual relationships." Source and further information:
  • Whoa,... You opened up a can,... I'm confident that you already know the answer to this question Sheriff, stinker. - Like the majority of mankind today,...regardless of sexuality,... they reject God's sovereignty. Most people will do as they like, because they refuse to acknowledge that God has the RIGHT (as the creator), to decide what is good,...and what is bad. ,...reminds me of a tree back in Eden.
  • God put down a lot of laws for the Jews in the OLD TESTAMENT. Jesus came to make a NEW COVENANT. God loves everybody, not just you. We are all His children whether we believe that or not. When you have kids, you love them all the same but differently. And often it's the kids who are giving you the most trouble who get most of your attention. And when exactly did you decide that you were the perfect kid?? You're telling me that you never fib, never take a pen home from work, never look at somebody's spouse and think how hot they are, never say God's name in vain? We all sin ding-dong, and I got news for ya, God doesn't distinguish between the sins. Sin is sin. You've no right to judge gay people or any other kind of people. Just like I have no right to judge you right now, but then again I never claimed to be perfect nor did I try to set myself above gay people in the hierarchy of sins. God gave us our lives as a gift to do what we want with them. We all have to live our lives as we see fit. None of us can be perfect. If someone is gay and finds love and lives the best they can according to God's Laws then that will be taken into account. Now relax, and stop worrying about gay people! Go find something else to do!
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      Funny that all of the criticism against homosexuality appears in the New Testament - **AFTER** Jesus made a new covenant. That sort of messes up your timeline, doesn't it?
  • "Everything" in the Bible does not say it's wrong. There are only a couple of verses that refer in any way to homosexuality. The huge preponderance of the Bible does not say ANYTHING about homosexuality. The huge preponderance of text that is credited to Jesus, the central figure of Christianity, urges its followers to love their neighbors as themselves and to love God. If I were a Christian, this would lead me to believe that the loving thing is far more important than the homosexuality thing.
    • Army Veteran
      How many times does "it's wrong" have to appear before it's valid?
  • Each of us look at it in different ways, but none of us have the right to judge. Leave it between a person and God. I would not want anybody telling me how my relationship with the good Lord should be.
  • Lifestyle is eating donuts for breakfast or watching tv for hours a day. Or eating healthy and being active. Those are choices. Being gay is not a choice,it is not a lifestyle. They are simply people. It's not a sin. And even if it were, that book of rules of yours says "one sin is as another". All sins are equal in your Gods eyes. That book also says not to sit in judgement of others. To mind the log in your own eye. Maybe you should be asking yourself, does God approve of me? What do I do that he may not approve of?
  • well number one if god is going to make them that way why should he hate them and also *technically* speaking the bible is against gay MEN not lesbians....
  • Well in all reality it has never been about who or what “subgroup” of society God loves. God is love and anyone who loves is born of God.
  • Thank you for asking this question. I think it may have something to do with Romans 1:24-26 or 2 Thess. 2:11, wherein God completely surrenders the person who stubbornly refuses His truth to their sin. Some (unfortunately and sadly) may have been given over to a reprobate mind. Just a thought.
  • Just for all the people who keep saying sin is sin. It is not. As in the old testament all the different sins had different penalties (sacrifices) required to forgive each sin. --------- I personally believe that gays and lesbians mostly don't have a choice. (Bisexuals do) And that being homosexual is a disorder more like a birth defect. Something in the brain formed wrong. I know that is not PC to put that way but it is the only way I can think to express it right now. --- Does God approve of those making a choice to be homosexual?--according to the Bible NO. But I believe God knows who is making a choice and who cannot help as it was how their were born. It is not for us to judge as we do not have all the information.
  • It is best to leave interpretations of the mind, spirit and soul to God. What people may find to be controversial, God may not. only he knows what is in your heart. Perhaps God put such controversial things in life to test our abilities to love and accept all of his creations.
  • An asshole is a shit poor replacement for that natural beauty which a woman can provide ... Regardless of what bible or man sets as his law or accepted beliefs ... It is wrong! It may not be a written law by mans hand ... but it surely defies the laws of nature ... Millions of years of evolution have designed specific organs and body functions for a specific purpose ... and only man as he has done with abortion, has crossed over that line to create what suits him best ... yet no arguement can dispute what nature designed for us to exist ... and or what it was designed for. Peace
  • Everything? Methinks that be a somewhat slight exageration. There is but one, and it can be lawyered. Why do so many folks continue to eat shellfish, when it is spoken of quite CLEARLY that is an abomination, and there isn't any lawyering that can be done with it?
  • Which god?
  • 5-18-2017 It's religious: they are possessed by a spirit of stupid.
  • Probably because they, like most people who believe in God, believe that He created them as they are and that He loves them too.
  • Jesus said "love love neighbor as they love thyselves" He didn't exclude gay people.
    • Army Veteran
      Yes, he did. When he made this statement, he wasn't talking to the LGBTQ community - they were meeting down the hall.
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      If they were meeting down the hall then that would make them his neighbor. lol
  • They justify their behavior by acting as if the Bible passages condemning their behavior don't exist.
  • If everything in the Bible is wrong, then you shouldn't be concerned about their lifestyle.
  • didnt Jesus die on a cross for all sins ..hate/gossip etc etc is a sin too /no sin is worse than another
    • Army Veteran
      He didn't die to exonerate mankind of their sins - that would negate the concept of abstract thought and the ability to decide one's own course in life. What Jesus did was to clear a path between man and God so that they might live in one of God's many mansions when the time comes.
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      No, what Jesus did was free Man of the 613 laws of Moses. He also freed Man of having to perform sacrifices. All we had to was believe in his Son and sins would be forgiven.
  • be completely fair, you're exaggerating a bit. Perhaps it's just careless wording. It's not true that "everything in the Bible says it's wrong". Rather, it's true that: "All of the passages found in the Bible that address the matter - which are relatively few - are in agreement that such behavior is sin, in fact a grievous sin, on par with things like adultery and theft." *** Answering the question: in my experience, most of the homosexuals who think God permits them to engage in homosexual acts without eternal repercussions are of one of two groups. *** Group 1 *** the "once saved, always saved" camp. Typically they believe that all of their sins - past, present AND FUTURE - have already been forgiven by God, in fact "are no longer sin", and so they are free to go ahead and sin their favorite sins with a guarantee (so they believe) of no eternal punishment from God. From what I have read, most homosexual-specific churches are of this type. *** Group 2 *** Probably a much more numerous group (not including only homosexuals by any means), the people who rationalize, "My sins aren't as bad as most other peoples. I'm a better person than most other people. Therefore, God will let me into Heaven." However: the problem that these people have (apart from ego) is that they recognize that their sinful acts are sins, and so that CAN be a source of discomfort to them. Some eventually change their way of life because of this recognition of sin. Still, there are people who use this rationalization and who continue to sin their whole lives by applying it. With regard to homosexual acts in particular, the Bible repeatedly groups such acts with other "serious" sins such as theft and adultery. *** Conclusion: someone who reads the Bible carefully and believes what they read cannot reasonably conclude that it's OK to commit homosexual acts or that people who commit such acts will not suffer eternal punishment without sincere repentance. In one passage, the Bible lists serious sinners and then teaches that such people "shall not inherit the kingdom of God". (Later in that same book the author equates that with inheriting eternal life.) The author continues: "Some of you were once some of these. But now you are clean...", clearly indicating that the Christians being addressed ***no longer engaged in those serious sins***. They had sincerely repented of those sins, and because of THAT and because of "the saving power of Jesus" now they were clean.
  • The same way killers, thieves and molesters do. in their insular minds they have rationalised it, therefore believe they have justified it and thus they are right in their thinking. But they will be in for a shock when they find out it's not even close, and they were wrong in their assumptions. Think of it as the Unexpected hanging paradox.
  • I don't know if they do think that. I believe most homosexuals know what the bible says.

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