• get the horse used to you, try getting it to come to hand, maybe offer some food or something then slowly work up to a bridle then lead it around with a rope and bridle, next step, to get it used to a saddle once the horse trusts you enough just put some weight on its back by leaning on it, then work up to a blanket then saddle then finally ride it, It all takes time but if the animal trusts you then the job is easier..
  • step on it, or hit it with a blunt object. or did you mean the other break it?
  • The Term BREAK or BREAKING is pretty much no longer in Vogue, both from a PC view and like House Breaking for Dogs, because it is believed that to CHANGE our old fashioned METHODS...we need to use Correct words to NAME what we do. House Breaking becomes, House Training. Teaching a horse changes from Breaking a Horse to either STARTING, or TRAINING. I mention this only because I started out OLD SCHOOL and I know of a number of OLD SCHOOL horse people to whom I WOULD NOT bestow the title of TRAINER to. They DO BREAK horses...their spirit, their will to "JOIN UP" with humans in a "cooperative" relationship that WOULD benefit BOTH horse and rider. I never trained fully Old was too brutal for my personal tastes, but I've SEEN IT and it is never called for nor does it create a learning environment for the animal that is positive and potential for laying a solid foundation of trust that can be easily built upon! I suggest you check out Monty Roberts, frankly. He is THE (modern day) Horse Whisperer, upon who the book and movie were founded and he is a real person, with proactive values to provide that important initial training foundation so that you strive to bring the horse into (Join up) the type of relationship that makes for life long TRUST. Horses ARE PREY animals...all the way through. They genetically live their lives believing that SOMEONE wants to eat them. All of their decisions are based upon this fear...staying alive. Mr. Roberts methods help US to become part of the support team so we can become the TEACHER and support the horse learning and then DOING the behaviors WE WANT them to do, without fear being part of the training. Fear is an inhibitor to learning, so we learn to dispel that factor as much as possible. Old School BREAKING capitalizes on fear and induces it as much as possible as a means of CONTROL. When we learn to communicate EFFECTIVELY with a horse, we show our intent to be a leader for that horse to follow (join up with) and that we are wise, (worth listening to) fair in our behaviors, accountable, trustworthy, and with our affections...loving and benevolent in our actions...sort of tough but fair, just as a lead mare is with the herd. Our newly learned BODY LANGUAGE...which mimics a horse's can be UNDERSTOOD! Communication has been established so that BOTH and human KNOW what the other is saying...THEN you build your trained behaviors and support the horse in extending its normal HORSE behavior to serve YOUR needs. Does this make sense to you? Positive Reinforcement (+R) then further builds the bond and shows the horse what it will GAIN from learning and doing correct behaviors with asked to. Granted, what I've shared here is not HOW (Step-by-Step)to train your horse. That would take much for time and space than what we have is NOT a quick takes SEVERAL YEARS to bring a horse to full understanding and refinement. HOWEVER, what I have offered is hopefully an UNDERSTANDING of the optimum METHOD...the best MENTALITY to carry with you as you move towards looking for a trainer who will help YOU grow in how to do the actual step-by-step training. Believe it or not, LAYING THE FOUNDATION using Monty Roberts' methods...takes usually not more than a few training sessions...that is the FOUNDATION that opens the door to the advanced training in COMMUNICATING effectively, clearly and positively with your horse! Unless you have seen's like nothing you've ever seen take place! It's a joy!
  • well.. its not something you can answer on here but, it involves alot of patience and bonding with the horse. and I agree the term to break a horse is out dated. I just call it training. Lord knows i will never "break" my horse but he will let me go along for a ride :)

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