• The Marines, with three primary uniforms used for specific events and duties, sport perhaps the most distinctive garb in the military.

    Blue Dress Uniform

    Often referred to as "Blues," the blue dress uniform is used at recruitment and ceremonial events and features a black tie, plain white shirt, and blue coat and pants. A short-sleeved shirt may be substituted for the coat during warmer seasons.

    Utility Uniform

    When Marines are in the field, they wear the utility uniform. This uniform is comprised of a camouflage shirt and pants with tan boots. The traditional green undershirt is worn underneath.

    Camouflage Varieties

    Two versions of camouflage are worn. Both digital-type prints, the desert version features gray, tan and brown, and the woodland version features green, black and brown.

    Service Uniform

    Much like a business suit, the service uniform is worn for daily office-type work. It features a khaki long-sleeved shirt and tie, green jacket and black shoes.


    A hat, which is creased, peaked, and pointed is worn by the Marines. In the field, Marines may wear the traditional Boonie hat, which is a type of bucket hat with a stiff brim.

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