• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: It Can't Hurt Your Stretch Marks

    Mederma's active ingredient is a proprietary blend of botanical extracts from the onion, called Cepalin. So it is not dangerous to at least try Mederma, and it is recommended by many doctors and pharmacists as a treatment for all types of scarring, including stretch marks.

    On the Other: It Doesn't Really Remove Stretch Marks

    But no topical treatment can actually remove stretch marks. The only thing a topical treatment can do is prevent them from happening or sometimes help them fade faster. And because stretch marks fade on their own anyway, it can be difficult to judge whether it's because of the cream or the natural fading process.

    Bottom Line

    Save your money and invest in ordinary cocoa butter to keep your skin hydrated and prevent stretch marks. You can also take vitamin E supplements. To actually "remove" stretch marks, try microdermabrasion treatments.




    Mederma Review

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    • Lisiana Carter
      I used that product for a while but did not see any difference in my stretch marks. Maybe you can read StriVectin Review and discover something effective. Strivectin strech marks cream worked for me. Though I am not very impressed by its results. Looking for something pure now.

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