• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Charge the same rate you use for regular soap

    If you already make and sell soap that is not comprised of goat milk, you can use the same rate per ounce that you use for your existing soaps. If you currently charge the industry standard $1.00 per ounce for finished soaps, then use this rate for your goat milk soaps as well. While some ingredients are more costly than others, using a standard per ounce rate allows you to price all of your stock quickly and easily, and makes selling at a busy market a simple process.

    On the Other: Charge a premium for your goat milk soaps

    Goat milk soaps are a little more expensive to manufacture, and consumers may perceive them as having a higher value than regular soaps. You can charge a slightly higher rate for your goat milk soaps to reflect this. Having a basic line and a luxury line will allow you to sell your soaps to a wider range of consumers. Charging different rates may bring in more money, but it will take you a little more time to label and prepare signage for your stock.

    Bottom Line

    You can set your goat milk soap prices to match your regular prices if convenience is important to you. If you prefer to highlight your luxury ingredients, you can make your goat milk soaps stand out by charging a higher rate per ounce.


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  • Off the top of my head $4.00 to $5.00

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