• Although many technically savvy people use computers on a regular basis, and you may be one of them, sometimes the simplest of errors can leave you stumped. A syntax error is a very simple and common error, but if you don't understand what it means or how to fix it, it can pose a big problem. Thankfully most syntax errors can be taken care of quite easily, letting you go back to work in no time and preparing you for the next time you encounter a similar problem.


    A syntax error simply means there was a problem in the wording of a command. Often when you are typing a command manually, if you make a typo or spelling error the command isn't recognized properly because the wording must be exact to get a program to respond. The command may be recognized as a valid command, but the purpose of the syntax error is to let you know that you should try again and pay more attention to what is being given in the command.


    Most users who encounter syntax errors are not programming something but are using a program and then experience the problem. If you are simply typing a code or some other type of command, you probably just need to try typing the command again. However, if you are running a program and get that error, you can't just type something else in. The syntax error could be caused by a program problem. To fix these problems, you should look for an updated version of the program or a hot fix that is available on the website. You may also need to close some programs and try again because a syntax error can occur when you are out of memory.

    Source: Syntax Error

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