• Probably because of the exorbitant amount of schooling they have to have, and the associated wealth that comes with it.
  • You don't have to be a genius but it takes a lot of drive, determination and motivation to become a doctor or lawyer which is why they're afforded such prestige and respect for the accomplishment.
  • Those professions require a lot of training and intelligence. Interestingly in the area where I grew up in the mid 20th century lawyers were not accorded prestige. They were considered only as taking advantage of others' misfortunes. In those days few people would air their grievances in a court of law, it was not considered right. Then from about 1970 the number of court cases and lawyers mushroomed and their status increased.
  • My experience with Lawyer's is that most do not know the US Constition and this applies to Judges as well. They concern them selfs with state laws and never apply common law. The courts and lawyers all use admiralty law. When you bring up common law and have the court prove jurisdction, they cannot 99% of the time, and most have trouble remembering article 6 US Constutition. Remember they are in it for the money. At least the majority are. As for Doctors they paid a tough price for thier position.
  • Genius, no, but they are expected to know how to properly use an apostrophe.

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