• Because of the Divine commands regarding the use of blood found in the Bible at Genesis 9:3,4, Leviticus 3:13,14,17, and then later repeated to the Christian Congregation at Acts 15:28,29, Jehovah’s Witnesses would not donate blood nor accept blood transfusions ( that is whole blood: white cells, red cells, plasma, and platelets.)
    • Gone!
      There is no 'divine command' regarding blood transfusion. And the 'command' was actually instruction so as one would not offend the Jews; and it is in regards to eating blood, not blood transfusion, which is an entirely different biological process. JW's do accept blood fractions now, whereas all of it used to be banned. Blood 'fractions' is blood. No matter which way you slice it.
      Gone: said: "Blood "fractions" is blood. No matter which way to slice it." With that in mind, yes blood is blood. Reiterated from Genesis 9:3,4 and Leviticus 3:13,14,17 the Bible makes it clear what it says at Acts 15:28,29 "...keep abstaining from blood". Every Bible you pick up with tell a Christian to abstain from blood. Blood is blood, no matter which way you slice it or inject it. Be it your mouth or your arm.
  • Our deep and considered understanding of the Scriptures tells us that no amount of blood we would give could save another life. True, it might extend it for a time, but at what cost? The only blood that can truly save life is that of Jesus Christ, who gave it once for all time. What is highy acceptable to us and to God is the thing that we are best known for. That is preaching the message of salvation to people everywhere. While donating a unit of blood occasionally may do some temporary medical good and is relatively easy to do, teaching people, day in and day out, to accept the saving blood of God's son is much more challenging and had everlasting benefits. To answer your question more directly, no, we don't give the blood that can't save lives in order to be fit to "give" that which does.
  • I have a friend that is a Witness. They can’t donate blood and couldn’t even do dialysis if they had to. Once the blood leaves the body to put it back in is considered eating it. They would rather die than have their life saved by someone else’s blood. This goes for body parts too.
    • LizzyP
    • LizzyP
      Having a friend that is a witness does not qualify anyone to accurately describe their Bible based beliefs.

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