• No... you're completely right. It's rediculous to assume that the moment a wedding ring is placed on your finger you lose the ability to appreciate beauty. It's human nature to find people attractive. Marriage doesn't stop that human nature, it just hopefully stops you acting on it.
  • You've learned something very important. Don't waste your time expressing your thoughts to such a narrow minded person, who is ready to preach to you about what you should believe.
  • Tell her you married not DEAD!!!!
  • Not at all, you're married, not dead!
  • You are completely normal. Its okay to look, but you cannot touch if you are married. When men and women took their marriage vows, they did not agree to go into a coma and to ignore the other people on the planet.
  • You could have some real fun with this! Print out a photo of that local weathergirl and take it to work. Paste it on the wall in your office. When you see that co-worker lady coming over to talk, jump from your seat and start humping the picture.
  • Not at all, that woman is an idiot. She probably just got shit on too many times by guys and is very bitter.
  • There is nothing wrong with finding another person attractive. Wedding rings and blindfolds do not come as a set.
  • I know you are not the brightest pebble, kiddo, but even you know better than to fall for an idiot who spews nonsense like this.
  • You are very normal! Just because you are married doesn't mean you can't do some window shopping! It does not me you do not love your wife or that you want to find someone else or marry anyone else. It is perfectly normal for a man to look and make comments on when they see a woman that is pretty to them. It means nothing and fantisies are healthy.
  • The woman's obviously bonkers. What a sad world it would be if marriage made everybody stop seeing what is attractive and beautiful in the world. Being on a diet doesn't stop you from looking at the menu.
  • She needs to get off her high horse. My wife knows that the only reason I watch Headline News is to see Robin Meade.
  • Everybody will find someone other than their spouse attractive. That is ok. Now if you and the weather girl were screwing around then it would be very wrong. But simply seeing the weather girl as being pretty is not wrong. You love your wife and you are devoted to her and her only. Then nothing is wrong.
  • No, you are not wrong. Just because you are married doesn't mean you can't appreciate beauty or cuteness.
  • You were wrong to blab about whom you find attractive to your co-worker. This is obviously not a business discussion. However, you cannot change to whom you are attracted.
  • i dont think youre wrong but i wouldnt tell her stuff like that

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