• its a tactic used by humans for as long as language has been around. by giving the child a fear of something uncontrollable, the authority figure(parent) ensures the child will do what is wanted (staying in bed) without putting up a fight. think about all kids stories: goldielocks & three bears: dont trespass, invade others privacy little red riding hood: dont wander off into forest etc.
  • Parents will raise their kids however they themselves were raised for good or for ill.
  • I find this odd, I have never heard of parents telling their children there is a monster under the bed. Most parents I know spend their time convincing their child there isn't a monster under the bed.
  • They do it as a short cut. They use it so the child stops getting out of bed over and over for another goodnight kiss, a drink, the potty, because they "miss" you. Instead what the parent gets to deal with is night terrors and a child made cranky by too little sleep because they are terrified. It serves the parents right.

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