• Right or wrong homsexuality will in general not be embraced here is Scotland just due to the culture
  • people are just getting more open towards things.
  • Because Governments/Law makers just dont have the guts to say its wrong
  • Population pressure. We don't need as many breeders. happens in rodents, and many other crowed mammals, the more they rub shoulders the higher the % climbs. It is a natural effect of density.
  • I believe it is politically incorrect to say anything is WRONG. It is still, as always, very p.c. to say "I PERSOANLLY BELIEVE homosexuality goes against what the Bible teaches us and therefore I FEEL it is wrong". . The key here is not claiming to have the right to claim absolute truth for your personal opinion or to disparage al other opinions. . I think people have a better understanding of homosexuality than when I was growing up and are much more tolerant in general, so you are finding less and less people agreeing with you, but I don't beleive that should be confused with it being or not being p.c.
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      When you're quoting from the Bible, you DO have absolute truth and it is NOT "opinion" in any sense of the word. Political Correctness does not support the Bible. "Political Correctness" is a Marxist-Leninist term that adheres to the policies and principles of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. This is why it is such a cancer in American society.
    • Creamcrackered
      Tavistock institute and The Frankfurt School.
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      1465: The term "Political Correctness" wasn't a term in the 18th century when Marx was born, unless you mean Groucho Marx.
  • Because it is not wrong. If you do not like it, then dont engage in it. You do not need to change the world, just yourself.
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      Can I guess that you're a homosexual? Just for the record, Democrats don't see violent protests as being "wrong" - because they engage in it.
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      Like selling information to the USSR isn't wrong. lol
  • Because it was accepted like a state of being (being homosexual), not anymore like an action/behavior (doing a homosexual act).. my explication are hard to understand.. but anyway others will explains better than me :P
  • Like every other special interest group, they get in your face and don't get out until they wear you down. If given the choice to voice their true opinion without being named, most people would not embrace homosexuality. I have lost respect for those who shut up, just go along and don't rock the boat. NO MORE PC. I personally don't care what anyone does in private. It's when it's 'in your face' behavior, than I care. So is answering the question honestly being politically incorrect?
  • Because society is growing up. A lot of folks have come to comprehend that when it comes to hating, they'll use anything to justify their hatred. No one forces you to be homosexual. No one forces me to go to church, (anymore). But I do get tired of Religious Fanatics telling me I HAVE to abide by the rules they themselves cannot abide by. Got Ted Haggard?
  • It is not politically incorrect to say it is wrong; it is morally incorrect to say it is wrong.
  • Homosexuals generally don't have children and live in large, cosmopolitan cities in which the large media outlets exist. This combination of extra money, extra time, and an active interest in promoting their agenda through legislation and political pressure has worked to remove a lot of the stigma that was once the norm. If you believe that homosexuality is wrong, you shouldn't apologize for it. I could care less what two people do in their bedroom, but I do have issues with the way in which gays have attempted to use political correctness to straight-jacket anyone who disapproves of their "lifestyle." Anyway, that's why every single tv show in the world now has several gay characters.
  • Homosexuality isn't so much being embraced by society as it IS society--at least a tenth of it. And it should ALWAYS be incorrect--illogical, even--to tell that many people they're "wrong" simply because they exist. PC has nothing to do with it. It is what it is and it doesn't matter what you feel or believe or make into law, because it doesn't change the way people ARE. So you can either embrace reality or go down that old god-forsaken path of trying to legislate your own particular version of morality.
  • Hatred and bigotry are no longer fashionable, neither is burning witches. Some people are evolving and sadly some are not. That's one of the problems with living your life by the rules of a book written 1445 B.C.
  • I don't care at all about "politically correct". There should only be shouldn't matter if a person is man/woman, black/white/yellow/purple/whatever, straight/ should just be a person...are they a good person or not? It's almost 2010 now...why haven't we gotten past all the other crap yet?
  • Because international forces want to destroy a white, christian society.
  • Because it ain't? ;-)
  • Because the government doesn't belong in anyone's bedroom - that's what is wrong.
  • Because it actually is incorrect to say that it is wrong. It may not be your personal taste or choice, but there is nothing wrong about homosexuality. It causes no more harm than heterosexuality - both forms have the possibility for great harm and great happiness.
  • its wrong for me cos im not gay, anyone else i dont care its thier choice
  • Who cares! Everyone has a right to be who they want, feel how they want! Its like you can choose you religion, choose who you want to be, where you live etc! Let people Be without judging them!
  • Complaining about "political correctness" is just the new way of complaining that no one agrees with your archaic worldviews anymore. I guess its supposed to make people feel like they're some sort of freedom fighter.
  • Because for some reason as time passes people tend to feel it's "OK" for things to change whether it be bad or good and just accept it. Rules and Laws are still laws - but when you have new people who don't agree with them they change them to conform to their lifestyle. Homosexuality is wrong to me and always will be. No one or no law will ever alter what I believe is right. When you're wrong you're wrong and it is as simple as that. When the day comes that Society determines where I go when I die - then maybe my tune will change.
  • +4 Good question. . It's another sad example of modern western people's need to feel that they are balanced rounded, individuals emotionally and psychologically. . The zeal with which they appear to champion the desirability of homosexuality is a complete over compensation for something else that they feel is defficient in their character or make up. It's almost a form of catharsism whereby if they make themselves utterly intolerant of anything even slightly opposed to homosexuality it balances out some other shortcoming in their character. . It's getting to the point now where you can't say anything positive about hetrosexual relationships, not because it offends homosexuals but because it offends straight homosexuality crusaders. . I suppose in these enlightened times homosexuality should be acceptable but it shouldn't be desirable.
  • Because it is not wrong. To say it is would be more offensive than politically incorrect. It is not so much being embraced by society than society is finally starting to shed some of its prejudiced and misguided beliefs. Judgment and condemnation of others is wrong (surely the bible speaks to this), homosexuality is not.
  • Regardless of how you feel about homosexuality, there is a larger question at hand. That is, who should have the authority to create and define a person's family? If you believe this right lies with the individual, than you really don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to homosexuality.
  • Nick. . I see that most of the answers here are proving the validity of your question without actually answering it. It's mainly people giving a bunch of reasons why they believe (correction: why they are absolutely certain)that homosexuality is perfectly fine in this enlightened age. To the point in fact, that in many of the answers there is a noticeable undercurrent of intolerance of any position that doesn't embrace the virtues of homosexuality. It appears that tolerance isn't universally applied by many of those that preach it so fervently in support of homosexuality. It doesn't seem to be on offer to anybody that has an opposing view. . Perhaps somebody that doesn't think that homosexuality is the best thing since sliced bread might get some more sympathy here if they could demonstrate that their opinion was a genetic trait and that they were born that way. Sounds logical doesn't it. I mean if the argument works for homosexuality and pressumably therefore by extension paedophilia, beastiality et al, then it should provide some justification for somebody that dares to hold the heinous view that homosexuality might not actually be the holy grail that human society should be seeking and glorifying. . I don't really have an answer to your question. Perhaps it's simply a fad that society has unfortunately acquired and maybe this notion that being a champion for homosexuality and having 'loads of gay friends' has some chic attached to it, will pass in time. Your question is a valid one though and it's probably good that you asked it now while you still can. If society becomes any more 'enlightened' you might be in danger of being burned at the stake for asking it in the not too distant future. . It's to be hoped that in the PC world of the future where it will be compulsory for everybody to be a non caucasion handicapped homosexual vegetarian non smoker, those enlightened souls spare a thought for the generations before them that had to suffer the indignity of hetrosexual marriages so that their children and grandchildren wouldn't have to.
  • I don't think it is being embraced, it is more like it is being made irrelevant. Why should anyone care what you do in the bedroom?
  • Changing morality is largely the reason. Also many people have gay family members and they see the way they can be mistreated by society at large.
  • Well at this juncture in society we could say that about a whole heap of things in society. Political correctness by design is intolerance of freedom of thought and speech. But with regards to right and wrong in what way? Is homosexually wrong in the act? Well, as good as it may feel to rub the prostrate gland, the anus was not designed for penetration, it has no lubricant of its own making, and the tissue is thin in that area, it was designed as an exit only. However, the lungs weren't designed to inhale smoke, the body to eat so much sugar etc etc, but people still do it. Homosexually was accepted in Rome, (although so was paedophiller) is man boy love, and this stigma became attached to homosexually. Even today, the media pushing sodomy in heterosexual relationships because then where is the arguement of the act being wrong, a bumholes a bumhole right? But throughout history there have been same sex attraction, should we revert to killing these people? No, for the most part they fall in love like the rest of us. Should the media be pushing it like it is to the point of teaching 4 year olds in school? No, I'd like my child to maintain innocence until puberty, and be taught maths and English instead. As for morality, you can make an argument if you believe in objective morality. So most people can't determine most acts even heinous ones as right or wrong, good or evil but just indifferent. As for religion I can only speak about the Bible, in the OT, it states Eve was taken from Adams side, and the one made two, hence when they marry the two reunite as one flesh. In the NT Paul actually suggests that man would be better off along dedicating himself to God. It also states that man gave himself over to unnatural lust as consequence of numerous other sins, this is what happens a slippery slope since the FALL. Hence, we are ALL sinners, and this is how the Christian message should be prorated. You judge the homosexual, but do you have a lying tongue? Do you not know what comes out of the mouth defiles the body, are you a drinkers? Are you immoral? Lazy? Perverse? A thief? Do you look with lust? God called called man to be HOLY, are you Holy? Adam was of the earth, but Jesus the spirit, man must be both,you are the temple of God, the Holy Spirit of God is called to dwell within, and it is for this very reason why sin missing the mark of holiness) is bad, how can you ask God to dwell if you are lying, or drinking, or cursing, or fornicating, or giving into the flesh?
  • .we have a christian guy here in australia that was sacked from his football team from quoting what the bible said ..but all that aside Gays were treated wickedly and were bashed up and many were even murdered so i suppose its about time they were left alone and that's probably why no one is allowed to fuel that hate again!!....the guys are adults and must know what they want in life ,so its their choice really ..i dont agree with it but as i said they know whats they want!! and we all have to respect them and the law .. i told a couple of guys living next door to me i dont really agree but i went to their garden wedding cause they were great nice guys ..their sex choice didnt define them as humans
  • The answer is to large extent contained within your question with the term "politically correct". Politicians do not want to put off ANY significant portion of the voting public. If - we imagine - felons of the most heinous variety were permitted to vote, politicians would strive for a way to "include" those felons and to describe them as "productive and normal members of society".'s literally about political correctness. That is to say: the correctness promoted by political INTERESTS.
  • Whenever the pendulum swings too far to the right, it always swings equally far to the left. The more fanatically against something one side is, the more fanatically for it the other side will be. One extreme always engenders its equal and opposite extreme. Twas always so.
  • Political correctness - it's a Communist ideology that promotes degradation. It has become a cancer that destroys the moral fabric of society.
  • Change doesn't go in reverse. Learn to live with it. Society is becoming more and more complex. Girls never went to college. Now they do. Technology and morality have changed. The old rules don't apply. The more freedom people get the more they are going to use. You are in favor of FREEDOM aren't you?😍

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