• Use an eyelash comb after you have applied mascara, before it dries. Good mascaras will have brushes that separate the lashes
  • i've tried that.. it doesnt work :(
  • Firebrand is correct. Eyelash combs work well. For a fuller look you can apply more coats. Make sure you let it dry between coats. Also, they claim eyeliner helps give the illusion of a thicker lash by filling in the gaps at the base of your lashes. (a thin line)
  • I assume you mean your eyelashes clump together when you wear mascara. In that case, buy a clump free formula and use an eyelash comb to separate lashes. If you meant no mascara, then use a clear mascara and an eyelash comb for the "natural look". To make lashes look "fuller", use a primer underneath mascara. Bourjois Coupe de Theatre is a good choice (dual primer and mascara wand) or Urban Decay makes a primer and waterproof treatment called Lingerie and Galoshes. The primer is one of the better ones I have used and it does not clump (again a dual wand with both formulas).
  • one more thing.. i use waterproof. and i know that its better if you remove ALL of it before you go to bed. but it just. doesnt wanna come off. help?
  • apply mascara used mascara comb let it dry before you make a second application. As for your second question on removing waterproof mascara Use baby shampoo. Baby shampoo can be effective in the removal of waterproof mascara. Baby shampoos are usually fairly safe to use around the sensitive eye area, as most brands are color and fragrance free, and are hypoallergenic. Use only a very small amount of baby shampoo and apply it onto your eyelashes. Avoid getting any baby shampoo directly in your eyes.

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