• If they are going to be helpful, yes, but if they are going to faint, they'd better stay out.
  • For a special delivery, yes. Any one not special?
  • No, I have always waited in the waiting room while fighting off my nerves!
  • It depends on if the dad wants to be there, and if the mother-to-be wants him there as well. Never force some poor guy to watch "the miracle of birth" if he's going to pass out!
  • yes they were there at conception
  • Absolutely! The birth of a child is a special moment that should be shared with both parents. I don't really understand having a group of family/friends standing around to watch, but the dad most certainly belongs there. --- Ok, so I just realized that you linked an article, and I read it. It seems to me like some research is in order before Odent's claims can be meaningful. Personally, I think I would be more anxious without my husband there than with him.
  • Without my husband, I would have been completely alone, in a strange hospital, with a doctor I had met only two hours before my induction. As terrifying as my very complicated birth was, I couldn't imagine what it would have been like without him there to support me.
  • I suppose if the woman wants him there. I think the dad SHOULD be allowed in, however, the really important thing is the comfort of the mother whilst giving birth. If, for some weird reason, having the dad there will stress her a lot, then no, he shouldn't be there.
  • You bet! In for the conception, in for the delivery.
  • It depends on whether he's going to be positive or not. I would want him there if he's going to comfort me, but if he's going to pass out he can stay in the waiting room.
  • My husband is the strong silent type, which I think is good because I didn't want anyone talking to me while I gave birth! That article says that the fathers presence makes the woman more nervous, but there were times that I couldn't think, let alone talk, so I was glad my husband was there, even silently, instead of being in a room with (albeit nice) strangers. If the midwife went away I could say one word and he'd phrase it into a question or comment for when she returned lol!
  • I was there for both of my biological children
  • Yes they do, they should see how a woman suffers to give birth....They should be there incase of some emergency and make a drastic decision....they should be in there with their wifes, and suffer to.
  • some fathers belong on the delivery TABLE... if only <sigh>
  • Yes, its tradition, he should be the one to cut the cord
  • My wife was certainly pleased that I was there both times.
  • No. Dad turned the tap on. That should be enough for any child.
  • Yes, there is no way I would want to go through that without my husband there.
  • Certainly ... as long as the Mom has no problem with it. I watched all 3 of mine come into this world, and I can tell ya ... it is THE most fantastic, beautiful miracle I have ever experienced!
  • Dad's can finish what they started.
  • I went through the Lamaze classes many years ago (I am a grandpa now). I was there for the birth of all but one of my 5 children and was in the prep room changing into scrubs for the second one. I was planning on being there, but missed by a couple of minutes. Yes, my wife has relatively fast deliveries (shortest 15 minutes after arrival at the hospital; longest about 2 hours -- thanks to old American Indian trick, red raspberry leaf tea taken in the last two months of pregnancy). But she definitely wanted me there for each one and I would not have missed any if possible. It is a wonderful experience for the father and with training dads can be a great help to their wife too.
  • yes and no my boyfriend was brilliant could not have done it with out him but my brother went in last week with his gf and fainted so no and yes i have aunts who are midwifes and all say men should not go in because no matter how u explaine whats gonna happen they never really know till there in there and its not a pretty sight but evey man is diffrent

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