• Not really, but I really think people should be discouraged from being so shallow. Birthing is a natual process, abortion is often necessary, but this is just consumerist shit.
  • I think fertility clinics should be highly regulated. This is an financially lucrative industry gone wild. They have a strong record of not screening egg donors for a history of genetic family illnesses although they said they did. They pay no attention to the paternal age data and help older males who are infertile have successful pregnancies which result in a much higher than average risk of genetic illnesses such as autism in these children than in the general population.
  • I believe that fertility clinics can be a very useful part of the Health Service.Where they are properly regulated. I do not think anyone should have Designer babies, unless it is to try to screen out a particular genetic desease. Choosing sex etc should not be allowed
  • It is beyond me to think of designing a child. I have two that my husband and I designed genetically, the results of which were wonderful when they were born and even more as they grew into young adults. Choosing them to look other than they do is just crazy and egotistical. Babies are not commodities: they are the product of love.
  • Only if they were improperly regulated. Genetically designing your baby is inhumane in my opinion and takes away the humanity of our children. The characteristics of a baby should be left to chance. I would only support it if it was used to prevent a baby from getting terminal and crippling illnesses
  • It does have it's place. A treatment called ICSI is pretty much the same but it's done when a Male has fertility issues and better sperm has to be selected. As my wife and I have been undergoing fertility treatments for a couple years now we have met others who could not conceive any other way but now have beautiful healthy children thanks to the process.
  • not sure what you mean by designer babies

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