• They are physically maturing at a rapid rate, and they feel as if they are adults, or almost adults. They haven't experienced adulthood, so they have no idea how wrong they are.
  • they are close to be adults some of them can see pretty clearly for their age though
  • i don't remember why, but i do remember thinking that way, i eventually outgrew it !!
  • They don't know what they don't know. Like the country song, which is great: "Back When I Knew it All" - I forget which male artist sings that one, but it is SO prophetic! Teens that age "bumble" along thinking they know so much, but as they grow and mature, they are more like, "Wow! I thought I knew what I was doing!", "I thought I understood that!", "I thought it was that way, but it's not!" or "I sure didn't know then what I know now!!" and maybe even "I wish I had known then what I know now!". True - they will outgrow it - some sooner, or later, than others - it partly depends on how sensible they are, and partly on how it is at home with their parents or parent, but it can also be random.
  • I did at 15.
  • That's the age we knew everything, and our parents knew nothing. My oldest daughter used to say "....., I'm practically an adult!" Now, she's an adult...and she doesn't want to be.
  • Because they have learned quite a bit at that age, and they think there is very little left to learn, they are wrong.
  • It's human nature. Everyone thinks they're right and they rationalize (or not) with themselves that what they think is correct. No one wants to be belittled and have adults looking down at them as thought they are incompetent. So...they assert themselves and make themselves bigger than what they really are.
  • Because we are very intelligent.
  • Probably because their parents (foolishly) try to relate to them as if they are little adults, and not as if they are children.
  • It is a very difficult stage. They are transitioning from childhood into teenagers and are not mature enough to udnerstand that they are rookies to life +5
  • b/c were hardheaded and as a sixteen yr old it is actually annoying espicially when you see that type of behavior on boys and just pathetic on girls
  • Perhaps 15 year olds see things clearer than adults, while lacking wisdom and experience they have an innocence and clarity that is ironically clouded by the mentioned.
  • Because that's their 'job'! ;-)
  • They are naive. Not much more to be said than that.
  • sometimes we have good ideas that would do well to be listened to i've even given my dad advice that would have worked but he ignored me and something bad would happen.
  • 15 year olds are so naive and stupid. They dont know 1/8 of what they think they know
  • because they enjoy deluding themselves?
  • You mean my son is not the most knowledgeable person on the planet
  • Ask yourself that question, you were 15 once To.
  • Teens are facing a lot of changes in their lives, on both hormonal and psychological levels. In order to cope with these changes, they develop this bravado and try to act more confident than they feel. To some extent, they have to act like adults in order to become adults. Remember that even if they act tough, they are actually quite vulnerable inside and trying to hide that fact.
  • Because when you're 15 you realize how far you've come from when you were 5 or 6 and can't imagine that there's still more to learn.
  • 15 year olds DO understand life. And if you honestly have a problem with the way they act, it's the people of YOUR generation, well, their parents who raised them, it's the way THEY treat them. most teenagers are wise beyond their years. they see themselves as adults because they're thrust into the world, no protection, no shelter, they've seen it all. You're just being condesending.
  • Because they are. Read this:
  • I think that really they do. At 15 you havn't gone to the college parties and gotten drunk out of your mind and smoked whatever you could get your hands on. Both these things kill off brain cells so really they might be smarter than someone who's already been to college. lol
  • because from fifteen to seventeen, it's the years i like to call the "inbetween", You're almost an adult, you are older and are alowed to do more, yet, you're still a child, and you can't do everything. They're confused, so close to an adult they want to think they are yet, they always tend to feel like they're being treated like kids, well, cuz they kind of are.

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