• There's more than one way to skin a cat, and I wouldn't be in a position to let her because she wouldn't want to go elsewhere. Why go out for burgers when you have steak at home?
  • Yes, but I would know there is no such thing as "only sex".
  • Hello SISYPHUS I am assuming your disability is permenant or semi perment, I am assuming that it is not ED, if it is ED, then take viagra. If it is something more then read on. I have had my wife cheat on me, we had a open rule about our relationship. the rule was (that she did not follow was)if the other person wanted to have sex just for a physical fu.. to tell the partner so that both could prepare psycholoigally, so that both were in agreement of it, also to make sure that the lover did not have any STD's etc. We had this rule in place to maintain open communications about eachothers sexual ideas. I think in your case it is something that you have to analize very carefully. If you are physically disabled, say a parapoligic, and the equipment does not work, then think of this, talk to her about the reasons she wants to have a f..k is it for emotional need, or a physical need. if it is for a emotional need then seek consuling, there is something wront in the relationship. if it is a physical need, then Know the person she wants to have a fling with, take her and the seragot lover, and set rules, rules that they must follow. there must be compleat transparancy for you. or you will feel cheated on. if the truth is not known or hidden... A woman needs physical touch just as much as emotional support to feel loved, and charished... If there is one without the other, then there is a good chance that the relationship will end eventually anyways. You must be prepared that she might develop emotions for the serrogate lover. This is normal, so I would suggest writing out some sort of agreement, that if she divorces you because she fell in love with him, then you get the things that you have bought, or gave her back, the more pressure there is for her not to get too comfortable the more likely that she will stay with you for the emotional support. You will have to give her great emotional support, make her feel important and loved, do not come down on her, our society states that a woman should only have one lover or husband at a time she will feel guilt if she rides another man, you will have to give her emotional support and show her you love and charish her, or you may lose her. Do not let your feelings come in and tell you that she is a who rr or this will drive a wedge between you... Openess, Honesty, Rules, and emotional support are what you are going to have to give her.. I hope that this helps you out
  • if she is asking me for something like this and I have NO way of pleasing her at all then yes I would be greatful that she was honest enough with me to talk to me about it with out just doing have to remember there is many ways to please her so I would have to be in a coma or a neck cast down unless this was something she just wanted to do
  • I pick the man, if she picked I'd assume she had feelings for him.

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