• you didnt finish your question...
  • Hiya, never experianced that, but I heard of people who make street lights go out. *googles* there (or your) called 'SLIders' for Street Light Interferiance. Either that or your evil. Just joking! I don't think any evil doers use AB.
  • Do you find yourself being accused of stealing the limelight?
  • Certain people have excessive ENERGY in their body that does this .... even though they may feel tired most of the time in many cases .... I, too have this thing with the street lights ; but not nearly as bad as I did in my 20's-30's etc .... It used to be that I could not even use a cell phone or a cordless land line phone as I'd short it out ... You just have to learn to expect it and deal with it ..
  • This has been asked before. It's likely that if you are driving down the street as these lights turn off that you are causing them to go off because one of your car's headlights is mis-aimed, and is hitting the photo sensor on top of the street light. The street light sees the bright light and thinks the Sun has come up (and is morning) so it shuts the light off for about 5 minutes. It will come back on after the sensor has reset and sees dark for a period of time. Normally, these sensors face north (if you are living in the Northern hemisphere), so if your car approaches from the north (i.e. driving south), you are more likely to see this happen.
  • I've frequently walked by street light aand other light that flickered when we walk by, I think it was the weight of the two of us on some sort of underground conduit. I don't see how as it was on blacktop
  • You, too, eh? I always figured my aura was interfering with the sensor. But I could be wrong.
  • 5-24-2017 Lots of people have noticed that effect, and there is no known reason for it. Street lights will turn off occasionally because of heat or light, but there is nothing to make them do it together, or as someone approaches. There just isn't any answer.

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