• Mensan, How do you keep finding these things? Love it! +5
  • Everyone should watch it.
  • I think that they have changed this way of life already. Too much is owned by too few and it leaves the guy with the idea out in the cold. Too many of these few have pushed their beliefs onto others, so the freedom of thought and action is already hammered down. Take the pro-life-free choice issue. Government has allowed these few to make and the create the regulations they must follow so, the world is polluted and water is undrinkable. So I think alot of the few drank from the bottle already... Again a great question,Mensen......+5
  • Nice find. This is what this country was suppose to be about but got side tracked some where. It's now replaced by a lot of back stabbing, hatred and greed, every man for himself. What happened to the hall marks of prosperity?. Capital, management and labor. Management took off with the capital and now labors gone too.
  • I actually remember seeing this lil cartoon as a kid. Sadly, greed and selfishness have largely displaced any tendencies we had toward cooperativeness. That was almost changed on 9/11/01 when we were united for a common purpose, but our political leaders had no vision. Where there is no vision, the people perish. I fear for my grandchildren's future. : (
  • I agree with the principle of the idea, however, I really don't see anything like that happening now, it wasn't an "ism" that got us, but greed. Americans are still being innovative, but they don't get credit for it, because major corporations have exclusive rights to whatever the employee does. can you imagine the number of patents that a company like 3M has, and the engineers that came up with the stuff, they get a paycheck and sent home
  • It sure fits in with today.
  • No, it wasn't predicting what was to come. It was a parody of human nature and politics as an ongoing concern. It's timeless.
  • Great piece of propaganda Mensan! Very simplistic though. Just one thought....Isn't Capitalism an "ism" too?
  • Fits in perfectly with the McCarthy era, and it certainly reflects the paranoia exhibited by some today.
  • That's the America I knew and loved. Unfortunately, it died out decades ago. We swallowed the 2-part poison of greed and envy, and our educational system has censored out the cure for what ails us. Apparently, now we see that which could have saved us as part of the problem. In truth, our own ignorance is destroying us. And I see no escape from that doom.
  • Holy cow! It gave me a lump in the throat for the old days when I felt patriotic. When being an American meant having a value system, not just living on the territory. I'm going to cry now.
  • This looks more like it came from Michael Moore. I couldn't believe it was so old but I checked and you are absolutely correct. It was done in 1948. Amazing. Thank you for sharing this.
  • Yes. It shows that which we could point out that even the Republicans have been promising as being able to cure all our ills. Which is why I keep making the comments that I DR'd for. The cartoon is highly simplistic. It does present many things in a simple manner. I'd be more inclined to discuss that which it glosses over.
  • Mensan this is way too long. Sorry. I have the attention span of a gnat on here. I get it. But too long.
  • I find it interesting how [social]ism is destructive and [capital]ism is wonderful. This cartoon being made two decades after a depression caused by the great system of capitalism, at a time when new social programs like welfare and social security helped save the country, and how interesting that the bragging rights for Americans in the video is that we drive disproportionally more cars than any other nation and use disproportionally more resources than any other nation. It's fascinating how both capitalism and socialism can and often do degenerate into fascism, something this propaganda alludes to, choosing to blame economic systems instead of governments who really control everything, regardless of the economic system. The "ISM" this is really talking about is fascism, not socialism, although they make a very lame attempt to equate the two. That's what propaganda is - faulty logic used rhetorically to appear genuine. . The idea that this is just not coming true is preposterous. The USA has been relatively fascist ever since we didn't listen to Ike and decided to make the military industrial complex the economic staple of America. It has absolutely nothing to do with the economic system itself - capitalist or socialist - but what the priority of that system is - and that priority is the state, not the people, and it has virtually always been that way. The government couldn't care less about individual citizens, at least not anywhere near the way it regards its own self-preservation. We exist as a collective, plain and simple - just more ants in a hive - and at the end of the day, no matter if we're capitalist or socialist little ants, millions of us can and will die if it means protecting the nest as a whole. . That's fascism. We're living it, and really always have been.
  • Corny, and cute, but nowhere near prophetic.
  • That was ridiculous hyperbole then and still is today.
  • It's still propaganda.

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