• I think we've got a beautiful world at Planks lenth to understanding all without understanding it at all. That's what they say, about Qunatum Physics. I love it. It's the closest thing to magnificent, as it gets.
  • Well, it's a complicated and rather theoretical subject but it's the basis of my job and I ought to know a lot more about it than I do. Curious sort of question, what made you ask it?
  • I feel really good about it. +5 Seriously, it's nice to have a subject that no one really understands.
  • Quantum Physics is a very good actor. I've watched all of his movies.
  • me know nuffn.........sorry!
  • I really cannot understand it at all. But, from my knowledge, 'feelings' involve the right side of the brain and 'quantum physics' involve the left side of the brain, so you can't really put the two together in one sentence--unless you can use both sides of your brain equally, which I believe is very rare. But there is a strong chance that I may have no idea what I'm taling about... [Kat go now.]
  • Its not for everyone but if it floats your boat than enjoy.
  • i'm cool with it.
  • I feel like it thinks it's all smart and everything, and we're all dumb because we don't know enough math. It feels superior to everybody and sort of snotty, with just a touch of "I am inside your atoms making things all probabalistic, so don't mess with me!"... it likes to threaten people, and that's not nice at all. It's a bully.
  • i like how exotic and unintuitive it is. . it's like taming an animal you're never seen before. you have to learn to "think quantum". i,for one, love the challenge.
  • Back in the 1980s I chose Astronomy and Cosmology over Quantum Physics, because I preferred 'the BIG picture' ... but now that we are making tiny steps of advancement in this field of smallness, I am getting much more interested in subatomic particles and less interested in galactic events causing new star systems to form. I have begun the feeble attempt to combine them, the small and the large must be able to fit together some how.
  • It's a 'MATTER' of reality Physically speaking! :-/
  • It seems kind of interesting, I saw a show on tv where they were teleporting a beam of light (light is already in its quantum form). But if I tried to figure that stuff out on my own, it would make my head hurt!:)
  • This explains something of quantum in an easy way.
  • Not everything can be explained with quantum physics.

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