• It's claimed that a 1,000-pound horse will produce 11,315 lbs of manure per year, and 50% to 60% of that manure is moisture content. It's said that elephants produce THIRTY TIMES the amount that horses do, so the average elephant MIGHT create 339,450 pounds of it (over 169 TONS) in a typical year, and because it is prized among gardeners (for fertilizer) selling the manure could prove very lucrative for an elephant owner. You might wish to contact The Ringling Brothers Circus for a more accurate quote on the above figures, or your local zoo might have some relevant information on that subject. Here's how elephant "doo-doo" is "manufactured." (Note the HUMAN LEGS sticking out from underneath that pile, on the extreme left-hand side.): Elephant "poo" being "harvested" Here's an elephant using a king-sized toilet that was specially designed for harvesting manure: +5
  • About half you do.
  • Untill his tummy is empty or untill there's a knock on the door indicating that someone else needs the loo? (",)
  • About an hole full!
  • sh*tloads

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