• She deserves to get blasted for saying something that stupid.
  • Poor Kate. She clearly has misplaced values and beliefs and she has put such importance on insignificant things in life. Her self-worth is pretty low. She has a distorted view on what is happiness and/or beauty.
  • Absolutely rediculous reaction... she was quoting a well known saying, used by Weight Watchers amongst others, and then immediately went on to rubbish the saying, and said it doesnt work like that. She was taken entirely out of context, and was misrepresented.
  • This is the usual media over-reaction that we get nowadays. The remark was silly, and she probably regrets saying it. Personally, i diagree with the comment, maybe if she said slim feels, but no, a Lamb Rogan Josh with peshawri naan, pilau rice, and a pint of Cobra tastes a hell of a lot better the skinny ;)
  • I think any one who puts that much weight on Kate Moss's words is a lost cause anyhow. She is just a human is what mothers should explain to their impressionable daughters. Fuck Kate Moss! Eat deliscious foods in moderation and we'll all be fine -
  • Kate Moss might be a Supermodel but she is certainly no model for healthy living or for positive publicity.
  • I think that she was expressing her own personal preference and that whilst chocolate and all those 'forbidden' goodies may taste great, feeling slim/skinny is a better option - for her. Because she's a public figure who influences many young women then it's unfortunate as she needs to be aware of the consequences of her opinions on those vulnerable anorexic types. I don't think she was deliberately encouraging eating disorders, such things are not purely to do with outside influence/images anyway, but go much deeper and probably originate in childhood.
  • Crazy, but it's her own fault. However I dn't think all the hype is justified. It's a mantra some of my friends use while dieting, though surely "Nothing tastes as good as HEALTHY feels" would be an improvement. xx
  • I don't know why the media wants to "blast" her. I'm sure encourgaging eating disorders wasn't her intention. It's not like all celebraties are secretly planning subtle ways to destroy the world with their out of context quotes, as the media obviously thinks.
  • I think if I was paid one million plus for half a days work on a photoshoot and had assistance to make be look "perfect" it would feel pretty good. So maybe in that context it's not so ignorant,pompous. Lots of naturally skinny, or should I say slim, girls out there, and it happens to be the status quo of beauty, at least in the media, I can say that that is pompous and vain
  • Having experienced the high of weight loss in the past I wholeheartedly agree. I would not ruin everything that I worked so hard to achieve just because something tastes good. The point is not denying yourself food, but eating foods that don't ruin your figure. Starving destroys your figure.
  • I understand what she means and I DON'T interpret it as meaning she espouses eating disorders! She's just saying that there's NOTHING out there that tastes so good that she'd give up the desire to be skinny in order to indulge in it! People who CAN'T loose weight are ALWAYS going to attack skinny people who are enjoying being that way!
  • People who have shortcomings and are unjustifiable judgmental often read extremes into the words and examples of others out of spite. The idea is to do the best you can because this is one of the successful people and her examples.
  • She knows what she is doing. She is the consummate professional and she is right by the way. Nothing does.
  • I do have a problem with. Even though I am in the same ballpark weight wise as Ms. Moss, this quote is the motto used in many Ana sites. The purpose is to help encourage people not to eat. To "feed" their eating disorders with words to keep them sick and on the path to death. Not everyone who is "skinny" is Ana. I am accused of it quite often, but I am not. I am naturally like this. I eat all the time. This phrase might be helpful to people who over eat if used at the right times, but it is used all to often to reinforce anorexic behaviors.
  • Blah...I suppose I dont fancy her.
  • while i think this was taken out of context, i believe she was truly trying to help heavier people realize that you can be both happy and skinny! i think the reason that people are jumping to the ridiculous conclusions is because she IS skinny and in the modeling industry, which is constantly being slammed for eating disorders. because she is in that industry and being closely watched with eating disorders, i think she should have thought this one through. but i think it was taken out of context and that we should give her some space. =]
  • Yet another example of truly f*cked-up cultural priorities? ;-)
  • A doctor told me, "There's nothing wrong with being skinny." Meaning, it's OK as long as the person is not undernourished -- it's not the same thing.

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