• dont see why you cant, just get them to put there name down on the paper and if they brake what the paper says then you be $$$$$ lol +5
  • Nope, that would be a case of unclean hands and at the very least would be rejected. If this were about a legal matter, you are admitting guilt. +5
  • Actually, the answer to this is "it depends". If you bribe someone to commit a crime, or cover up evidence of a crime, then the contract is not legally enforceable. But, if you agree to confidentiality as part of a civil case (this happens A LOT in litigation involving corporate interests), then any party's failure to uphold that agreement is grounds for a lawsuit. I hope this helps.
  • Since the word "bribe" implies something not aboveboard, I don't think you will want to call the law in on it. It would be like the drug dealer who calls 911 when he is mugged and his stash is boosted. "Compensation" is the term that the corporate crooks use for their "bribes" and if you violate the terms of that agreement to compensate you could be and probably would be sued.

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