• Acne solution seldom works for me in the long or short run. What I do is once a day face scrubbing with Apricot Scrub and some bar soap. This has kept most of my acne at bay and has prevented me from experiencing the blunt of many breakouts.
  • emm... i used proative n it just made ma skin worse..
  • Yes. But I only use the repairing lotion along with MD Formulations glycolic cleanser for all skin types. I follow the directions on each bottle twice daily, (especially making sure that the Proactiv repairing lotion thoroughly dries on my skin before going to bed. ) I tried practically every over the counter acne treatment there was. I even tried the Proactiv three step system, and it did not work for me until I incorporated a stronger glycolic acid face wash into the regimen. I used to have adult onset hormonal acne which was moderate to severe. Since using this regimen, I haven't had acne in a year and a half. My skin has been clear ever since.
  • It worked for a while. I ended up going to a dermatologist and got on Accutane. That worked.
  • like "anonymous" said, the dermatologist can prescribe you something a lot more personal and something that fits your needs, proactiv is expensive anyway
  • beggars can't be choosey ,bee-otch. no money out your pocket........
  • it works really well especially the lotion part...if you can just get the lotion for a lower price do it cuz you can always just use a regular face cleaner with exfoliators that works just as well but you can't beat their lotion stuff put it on over night and all your acne disapears lol
  • I tried everything before Seriesse Skinare by Jennife Stallone- it worked so well that now I sell it -amazing acne products check it out at
  • I just ordered a proactiv test package where they give you small amounts of the stuff to test...i got the package yesterday, and I have the stuff on now, I don't know if it works or not, but my face is on fire.

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