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  • No, because if you are being politically correct, you aren't looking at them.
  • Nice rack babe, works well.
  • Mammaries like the corner of your mind...
  • "you are so smart" :p
  • Not that I know of, I once told my wife, *those* look nice and she looked at me like a squeezed them in public.
  • I believe the correct term would be. " May I please insert my penis between those magnificent firm round tits!!
  • No, there isn't. considering there are several factors that come into play when doing this: -Women see breasts as a very personal and internal thing to have and to attempt to converse about them is to attempt to breach those confines, hence a natural defense is put up. -Most women, when being approached about their breasts (primarily from men), automatically assume the worst, such as the guy wants to have sex with her, or molest her, or something sexually related (which is a slightly fallible, yet nonetheless, sensible reason) and those defenses are put up as well. -Chances are, one would have to know such a person very well in order to compliment her on her breasts, otherwise if a stranger did it, once again, it would be attempting to jump a few steps in the social comfort pyramid.
  • By the time that you are familiar enough with a woman to compliment her on her boobs, you shouldn't have to worry about PC.
  • You can say "My, what excellent posture you have!"
  • Who says politically correct people don't look at boobs? They do. They just do it with a hint of subterfuge. Even feminists (ahem) will buy undergarments from BoobBrokers Victoria Secret. There is a difference between ogling boobs and admiring boobs. I'm not sure if I could use words to characterize those differences. I never liked men staring at my boobs. I tended to think that that was objectifying me. Yet, if no men ever looked at me, I'd wonder why. If you can admire without turning the woman into a walking pair of melons, you could probably compliment her. But I'd take care and do so only with females who know you. Really.
  • No, just glancing down to look is enough.
  • Depends on the one with the lovely boobs. The vast majority would be pleased to hear a guy compliment her as long as it doesn't sound gross or rude. One thing I would pay attention to would be to ensure not to embarrass her in front of a crowd. Say it discretely!
  • Yes. Madam may I compliment you on your choice of pointy tops.
  • Yes - Well, in Canada, we use nipple clamps.
  • Yes, say this: Hay toots! Nice rack!
  • Its one of those things that, unless you are fairly close to a woman (friends or s/o), you just don't mention. We know you like the way they look by the way you have trouble looking at our faces while you're talking to us. It indicates that you like what we've got going on up top, without any verbal communication necessary. :P
  • no way, unless you are in a serious dating situation!

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