• I had them all the time. And the end was RED so it looked lit. No it didn't affect my life later on. Peer pressure did in High School though! +5
  • Yes, I remember them. No, it has in no way affected me, considering I detest smoking. :D
  • I loved them. I actually liked the texture and taste too, they were fun. At that age, most things like that are fun. I hate cigarettes but I do like reefer, do you think that is why? LOL!!! NOT.
  • I remember those alright, they were great. They never made me take up smoking.
  • Yes they did and no they did not affect a later decision to smoke. What did was having friends or parents that smoke. I started in 1959 but stopped a year or two after my parents had quit smoking.
  • Yep. I remember them. My parents didn't by them for me...I did. In fact, my parents bought very little in the way of candy for us kids...we did that ourselves with our own money. And it had no effect whatsoever on me smoking later in life. Candy cigarettes tasted GOOD. Real cigarettes, and other tobacco products, tasted BAD. It was an easy choice to make!
  • i remember them
  • yes, my parents gave them to me all the time. But No it didn't affect me in any way. I am not a smoker. i don't think it would be the candy that affects the person. I think it would be the people you hang out with and the atmosphere you let yourself in.
  • Yes Occasionally And No.
  • I ate them as a kid also both of my parents smoked. I'm 40 and never smoked one cigarette.
  • I remember walking down the road with my friend when I was around 10 years old, "smoking" popeye cigs. We thought people would be shocked believing it all appeared very real and got a kick out of our faux delinquent behaviour. I do smoke now, and actually tried my 1st real smoke with the same friend. Maybe there is a connection? Class action suit anyone?:)
  • I remember them. I loved them! I grew up in a household where the adults smoked. I saw smoking on television and in the movies. I saw and heard all the ads everywhere. I chose to not smoke and aside from tasting a few I never have. Why? Because I saw the adults coughing and hacking every day around me and decided it might not be good for me. Personal responsibility...anyone remember that?
  • I remember the candy. I used to smoke cigarettes, but now I use a vaporizer to smoke tobacco. I think that staying up late at night and using coffee and cigarettes to stay awake (and the high from them) had more to do with getting hooked on cigarettes than the candy. --- I also had water guns and water balloons that were made to look like grenades. However, I don't own guns and grenades now.
  • I used to pretend to smoke them all the time, but didn't ever really want cigarettes after experiencing the candy ones. I just went straight to smoking crack instead. Thanks a lot, candy cigs!
  • I really don't remember who bought them, but I had them. . There were choclate ones, hard white Popeye brand ones with red fod color on the ned and, later, cigarete paper with flour or some like powder inside. These weren't candy, but if you puffed INTO them, some of the powder came out like smoke. . I don't know where I learned it or how, but had a trick down pat of smacking the bottom of the pack so one would pop our and land between my lips, just like the Marlboro man. . Did it one time when to little old ladies werw walking by and I guess they didn't notice it was candy. I was only about three maybe. Hadn't even started kindergarden anyway. They stopped and started giving me a lecture... . I don't know that it affected my decision to start smoking later. I think there was a whole culture in ads etc. at the time that smoking was cool. We of course thought it made us look grown up so were picking butts up off the street by the time we were ten and "smoking". . Whew, long answer, but you brought back some memories! T.Y
  • I remember them rather fondly. As to my future smoking I wouldn't say they encouraged or discouraged it - smoking was just a more excepted thing in life back in my generation and whether you either did or didn't smoke was simply a matter of personal taste.
  • I remember buying them and getting them in trick or treat bags, but I don't remember my parents buying them. No, they didn't start me to smoking.
  • If I give out candy on Halloween that's the one!
  • I loved them! They were like long sticks of after dinner mints. No, it didn't influence me to smoke, I considered it as kind of a parody. For instance eating gummy bears doesn't make me want to pull the heads off real bears either.
  • Not only do I remember them, some freind of mine just bought me a whole case of them as a joke...No they did not affect my smoking habits...only the sweet tooth
  • Yes I do remember them. I used to be given them occasionally as a child. They were fun and tasty, but nothing like real smoking. I think I started smoking young because in those days, everybody smoked indoors. There was always tobacco smoke in the air. I think kids got strung out on nicotine simply thru 2nd hand smoke! Those little candies had nothing to do with my eventual nicotine habit. 2/26/23
  • candy cigarettes and candy cigars were just candy
  • Yes I remember them, I think they changed the name to candy sticks, and yes I was allowed to have them, and no I don't smoke.

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