• It hurts to loose a dear friend but its not regret that i have because i never did anything to her. I just had to confess to her that her husband would wink his eye behind her back when i would visit her. Thats why i stopped going in her invitations even though it was her daugthers birthday party ect. Then he started texting my phone from her phone pretending to be her just to find out what i was doing or where i was at. I had to tell her...she was my friend but i guess she somehow dosent wanna recognize what i told her. sad :(
  • Yes I have. We just drifted over time and by the time we realised that something was changing, it was too late to do anything. +5
  • Yes. no one can give brains. One of the my friends went away from us because of this love, I knew there were no love. It's only lust. We had nothing to do. when she recognize it's too late. She cheated us all and went away. I completely cut off her. Now she is in the mental hospital.
  • Yes, I have regretted losing a dear friend. I had politely told her that something she said was wrong, she immediately betrayed me and back-stabbed me. The thing she said did not directly affect me, I was sticking up for someone else. We would still be friends had I not cared about someone else's feelings.
  • ------------YES I DO HE DIE ABOUT 25 YEARS AGO on a motor bike on the freeway in NO CALIF and i miss him alot more he was like my brother every day i think about him and wish he seen the i met the love of my life and seen i was really happy now LOVE YOU JOHN

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