• NO! spend much more time on foreplay, long massage sessions with each other, there are so many things you can do to fulfil each other needs sexually without getting a third person involved!
  • No.....go to the local toy store!!!!! They carry lots of things that are many different sizes & you don't have to worry about them every going soft. Have your husband use that to satisfy the other needs.
  • Sure and after that I would get a divorce. Ofcourse not! As if I can sleep with anyonelse! I dont know about you but I'd be truly offended if he suggested such a thing. As if I want someonelse but him to touch me. The idea.. yuk! He is my husband and we will work it out together that is what we promised eachother the day we got married.
  • I am fulfilled by a man. not a penis. If he is interested in fulfilling me and is willing to then it matter not what kind of penis he has. And if my husband told me that I would think it the height of laziness! No question sex can be better with some men than others (even than my husband!) but since I have chosen to be with him I want at least it to be good with him.

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