• Parkeets are very cute little birds. They are friendly and can sing, and rarely they talk. I wouldnt put her in the same cage with your Cockatiel, as Cockatiels are very territorial. They eat seeds, exactly like the Cockatiel only smaller due to the bills. This may help:
  • Budgies need a varied diet and cannot live on seed alone (they will die early of malnutrion). You can buy bird pellets for them which you can either feed instead of seed or mix it in with the seed (I mix it in with the seed). They also need fruits and vegetables (no avacados, fruit seeds or pips, or onions). As well as things like cooked pasta, cooked brown rice, cuttlefish bone, cooked meat, grass, and such. Budgies make very good pets as long as you handle them often (reccomend every day) and they will become quite tame and loving. They are actually known to be quite good talkers and you can teach them to do tricks on command (if you are willing to spend the time with them). They usually do get along with cockatiels. If you are keeping a budgie and cockatiel in the same cage, make sure the cage is as large as you can get and watch them closely in case they don't like each other (also if a cockatiel already lives in the cage, rearrange everything in there so it thinks it is a new cage and doesn't get territorial). Budgies are very small parrots, they are smaller than cockatiels.

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