• He porbally gets the money from people who support him r just his job
  • Gosh silly! He has his flock, even those who cannot adequately feed and cloth their own, tithe 10% to the church. The richest institution on the planet and they want more! Food and electric bills? haha The Pope needs more red shoes! Give today!
  • He robs it from his flock.
  • The Catholic church gets its money from donations from its followers and from their investments. Oh, did I mention that they invested in the Third Reich?
  • Donations, investments and contracts.
  • Well, I'm not Catholic, but will jump right out and say that the pope doesn't have to be concerned about paying the bills. All his needs are paid for by the Vatican. He has a household staff and a professional staff to take care of most needs and obligations.
  • He gets people to beg for it on street corners.
  • He doesn't. The Pope is 82 years old, works long hours, earns no salary, has no personal fortune, and cannot retire. He lives alone in a small rent-free apartment in the middle of a museum. Money for his food, clothing, etc. are donated to him by the free will offerings of Catholics all over the world. With love in Christ.
  • hes probably getting paychecks
  • The Catholic church throws a few bucks his way from time to time. And BTW: the church also pays for all his food and electrical bills.
  • His position includes such amenities. It's like the U.S. President. He doesn't have to pay for food or electric bills. He gets to live in the White House for free, all expenses paid.

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