• The neck is just as vulnerable to wrinkles as your face is, but the neck area often is neglected. The aging process weakens skin and the underlying tissue, but there also are other causes of wrinkling in the neck.


    Aging skin loses elasticity and tone. Neck skin already is thin, and aging makes it thinner and more prone to wrinkles, according to Dr. Michael S. Lehrer of the Department of Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania.


    The neck area is vulnerable to sun exposure, just like any other skin on your body. Damage from the sun causes thin skin to wrinkle more.

    Gravity is Against Us

    As the body ages, gravity helps cause neck wrinkles. Neck skin is especially susceptible to the sagging and loosening that promotes wrinkling.

    Weight Loss

    A substantial amount of weight also can cause skin on the neck to wrinkle and sag

    Other Causes

    Genetics, smoking and excessive alcohol use are contributing factors that cause wrinkles in the neck area.


    Moisturizes your neck area daily. Avoid excessive sun exposure, and make sure sunscreen covers your neck as well as your face. Use anti-aging products as you grow older.


    Aging Skin Wrinkles

    Neck Wrinkles


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