• I jumped into the lake -- nude.
  • I was at a concert so it was so loud I didn't really notice much until I drove everyone home and the drive was more interesting than normal, it wasn't so boring.
  • Threw-up
  • asking people if i was high yet, and to look into my eyes to see if they were dilated... thats all i did all
  • Fell asleep!
  • Giggled and talked a lot. It was loads of fun.
  • I hit a pipe once. Then I passed out for about 5 minutes. Then I woke up feeling very bad. I was twitching so badly that I couldn’t walk or talk. Then me and a buddy listened to music and ate ice cream for an hour and then I went to sleep. The reason I felt like crap to begin with is because I was taking cymbalta at the time. Turns out that mixing pot and cymbalta doesn’t equal a good high. I’m off cymbalta now and I have good trips all the time.
  • Well, I never got high, and if I did, I'd sure get a good beating from my parents. And from reading all these experiences, I don't think I'll ever in my life get high.
    • OC Joe
      Conformist is a good handle for you.
  • I never plan to get high.
  • Laughed about my cigarette lighter for about 20 minutes because I thought it looked funny!
  • Do you mean what drug did I first use to get high? If so, then the answer is LSD (acid.) I took it one day with a good friend who had done it a bunch of time. I had a great experience. The second drug I did was ecstasy, which I also enjoyed. If you are specifically talking about marijuana, it was the last drug that I ever tried. I didn't like the smell for the longest time, but when I finally smoked enough to get stoned I enjoyed it. I basically laughed at everything and ate a bunch of random food.
  • Not much -- I mainly saw everything as cosmos, laughed a lot, and tried to smoke a cigarette.
  • A little hazy... twas 5 years ago if i remember correctly, Me, my roomate and our mutual canadian freind (i point that out cause he's a flippin cool dude with a huge accent) ended up playing strip Darts. I lost, but somehow we all ended up naked, played naked pool (i won, but im not entirely sure what i won..i think it might have been nothing, or maby a beer), then ended up watching south park... clothed.
  • got high
  • First time i blazed.... hahaha.... At first i didn't think i got high, untill i couldn't stop laughing, then my vision got all wonky.... i remember walking into a dark bathroom and shuffling along the wall to find the light switch, then somehow i managed to take a ripe bail backwards and fell into the shower, ripping the curtian down under my ass... man was i ever confused about what happend for a bit there!! and then we ate
  • Unloaded my M-16. I was in Vietnam.
  • well i used sleeping pills the first time i pretty much sat there and watched the wall ripple like water it was pretty cool i pretty much looked like this :O sitting there all day. at one point i thought i was eating rice crispies then i wwent to take a bite and it disappeared right out of my had i was soooo mad lolz
  • the first time i got high i was on a beach in florida. me and my friends were down there for spring break. we just went to a very private part of the beach went and smoked between a bunch of trees. i would like to say it was high chronic, it didn't hit me for about ten minutes tho which was wierd. but i started to get these weird sensations whenever i would walk as if something was pulling my legs up really fast. i was really paranoid, everyone was looking at me. i kept thinking it was all a dream. i remember telling my friend(the only one who didn't smoke) that there was some kind of force pulling me towards him as we were walking down the beach and that was my excuse for running into his side every minute or so. he got pissed. anyways it was a lot of fun and by the end of my high i fell asleep in the hotel lobby on a luggage cart.
  • As I remember, mostly pretend! ;-)
  • The first time I was rather bored to be honest. I was just sitting there thinking this is IT?
  • Took a plane to Paris.
  • smoked weed and laughed and laughed and laughed then I ate everything in sight...LOL I want some more!!!
  • Back in the 70's. Not a good memory.
  • Felt good.
  • Laughed constantly. I understand laughing is the most common first time reaction.
  • It did not have a huge effect on me one way or the other. I did get the nibbles though.
  • I have better since than to "get high". Getting high is for losers not winners.
    • Linda Joy
      Apparently you don't have enough sense to know how to spell sense.
  • I went to bed because I took a quaalude
  • twisted off my friends bracelet to get him to stop laughing. ( It didn't help. he laughed harder when it broke)
  • It didn't affect me much. I smoked with friends at lunch and then went back to school. The second time I got high I had sex with my bf in front of my best friend at her house. And I'm not really into PDA but I was just a kid then.
  • It was a very long time ago and I really don't remember.

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