• I'm a daughter who went back and told Mom and Dad what a great job they did. I figured it out when I was about 28 years old. I kept calling my mom saying "You were right... Darn-it all!" LOL
  • I love your question! My son is now 21 & gave me so much heartache & worry even though we were so close. He is now in college & has started saying things like "Mom, how did you put up with me?" He says i'm the most patient loving mom on earth (stretches it a lot) & is very protective if my 17 year old daughter hurts me as he knows how much i've been through with them. Mainly he has taken all the what could i do differents & set me free by saying that i was a great mom & he just made some bad decisions. Sorry so long. +5
  • mine are not old enough yet, but I hope they do....however I assume they will not. I t seems todays generations grow less appreciative of the hardships their parents continuely endure for them in love
  • Yes, my son really did. It was after he had been in the Airforce for about a year. He is a good man.
  • My youngest son has, the other 3 have not. He is now a Sgt. in the Marine Corps.
  • My younger daughter has talked of her childhood and says her memories are good and she hears herself saying and doing the same things with her children. I suppose that is the same thing.The other two havent said anything.+5
  • No,my daughter thinks im a terrible mother.but she doesnt have any kids yet.
  • My son has always been very precocious. He thanked me when he was 16. A teenage friend of his was a summer counselor to troubled teens and he invited my son to attend a one-week summer camp. It was up in our local mountains, about 40-50 miles away from home. He called me one evening mid-way through the week and thanked me for providing the kind of home/environment for him that I had. He told me of some of the trauma those kids had experienced and until then had not given too much thought to the homelives of others. It was a very moving experience and he learned a great deal from that week about how people can seem to be fine on the surface but bleed/hurt deep inside.
  • Parents, Dont hold you breath. As kids go from selfish adolescents that says "gimmee gimmee", they become adults with kids and want to finally run thier own families and NEVER be told what to do. As much as parents like to deny it, you will likely butt-in to you kids married life or curse their unmarried lives, or because they borrow from you, you gain license to have input into their lives. Parents never quit parenting as rule. And their kids resent them for it. So, don't belooking for any "job well done" except when you guilt them into it or play the parental martyr. Now this response goes out to aou 89% of parents of all ages. We love our kids and long-term roles are hard to change. We aren't monsters, we just love them to death with a bit of smothering. But it ends up costing you in the end...quite often what you want most - a relationship with you kid. Try to butt-out as early as possible, because by their 30s, they will just fly away from you under their own power. You are your own worst enemy. These things are amplifies in shows like "Everybody loves Raymond" and others. be careful.
  • Not in words, but in their actions. My daughters know how much we love them. And they in turn treat my grandkids very well. And that is the way they say thanks to me. They learned how to be good parents.
  • actually, yes a couple times
  • She's too young but I do hope when she gets older she thinks that. She will go through the teen years and hate me (like most teens at one point or another) and then hopefully as she gets an adult she will.
  • She's 3+ years old and says "I love you mommy, you're such a blessing". This is the same little I girl I tuck in every night "I love you Sydney, you're such a blessing in my life".
  • Both my older children have. The youngest (Evan) is still at home. I had a stepdaughter, that lived with me and her mother for about 5 years while she was a teenager, who called me a couple of years ago to apologize for being the teenager from hell. She told me I was a good man and she now appreciates that. I was walking on air.
  • I told my parents when I had kids and I suspect mine probably will do so when it's their turn to be parents.
  • I have two sons. They did not say it directly to me. But they told a friend of mine in conversation, and then it got back to me. I suspect that this was a calculated "message" scheme. They are great guys, but not so demonstrative that they would (at their age, very early 20s)actually walk up and blurt it out to me directly. Maybe on my death bed...
  • My daughter's dead and my son's sentenced to die in 7 years. So the long answer to your short question is no.
  • Yeah... it was the most rewarding feeling! +5
  • Yes, they both have.

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