• not,don't think they would be that bothered if in the Iranian republic guard
  • Yes, both in and out of the service. Each of these incidents perpetrated by Muslims causes the general population to be more wary and distrusting of the people of this religion. We are a fair people, but we better not be pushed too far. +4
  • Yes, but only because we didn't kill the shooter and now he will not be getting his 72 fat ugly 12 year old virgins. He should have just strapped on some C-4 plastic explosives and touched it off with a Chinese firecracker... ;~)
  • They should make things more difficult if they have any brains. I'm sorry but this terrorist attack could have been prevented if we weren't so damned politically correct. Political correctness at the cost of American servicemen's lives is unacceptable. This terrorist posted anti American propaganda online and openly made anti American and pro radical muslim comments and was on the FBI radar. This attack was completely avoidable and should have been prevented. Fear of offending this "religion of peace" kept the Government from reacting and people died because of it.
  • It will make things difficult both in and out of the service. Right or wrong, there has been some distrust of Muslims in U.S. communities, and this will only increase it.
  • This has been a very bad week. beside Fort Hood 5 British Soldiers were killed and six seriously injured by an Iraqi Policeman they were training. How could it not make Soldiers not trust the men they are serving with.
  • Probably not, since the media and Obama are hiding that fact pretty well.
  • It certainly will not help. Truly a tragic incident.
  • It will probably make it a little more difficult for them since the right has been ramping this up as a terror plot rather than a psychiatrist going off the deep end. My personal opinion is that psychiatrists start off on the edge. Years of counseling soldiers with mental problems resulting from brutal unnecessary wars would put most people over the edge. From what I heard, this guy wasn't very good at his job and got involved with fundamentalist religion. Put that on top of the fact that the Army has been strained to the limit and this is what you get. I understand that counselors, especially psychiatrists are supposed to be counseled on a regular basis because of the stresses of their job. Obviously this guy fell through the cracks and even got promoted. It is too bad it reflect on Muslims, it should really reflect on policies that put the military under such strains. Personally, I think he should be tried with Bush and Rumsfeld as co-defendants.
  • I don't think so. The power brokers, oil barons, major players in the military-industrial complex and generals are always lookin' for more 'canon fodder', no? ;-)
  • People with ties to the Middle East should be scrutinized. Not Muslims. We did not let Japanese people off the hook during World War II and we should not just open our arms to people that have ties to an enemy who hates our guts. I'm sick of this. We are not welcome with open arms in their countries either.
  • I don't think it will cause someone who was not already a bigot to become a bigot. So to answer your question, no. Bigots can find ammunition to spread their vitriol from any source, because they are truly illogical.
  • I think the military should run better background checks on a persons physical and psychological stability, before swearing them in as a protector for U.S. citizens here and abroad. Is the military that desperate to accept unstable men and women, just to meet a quota?
  • Muslims should not be allowed in the U.S. military.

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