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  • Fertility drugs can increase your chance of multiples by 5-15%. More info is available here.
  • They can increase the rate of multiple births, but, as they fine tune them, this is happenning less and less.
  • I've seen it happen more times then not. The drugs hyperstimulate the ovaries so they're more likely to produce more then one egg at a time. That and most doctor's will implant more then one egg during invetro because it's such a costly and painfull procedure.
  • Yes it is true you are more likely to be pregnant with 2 or more babies if you do any time of fertility drug.
  • Yes it's about 15% or so. Check out our Moms and Moms to be chat forum. We love new members!
  • i think that happens when you have an IVF not necessarily with fertility drugs, however it's best to ask a doctor, you can ask one online for free and get their opinion, check good luck!
  • The most common drug used for fertility problems is probably Clomid. It is used to force a woman's ovaries to ovulate. It's only taken for a few days during a certain point in her cycle, not all the time. Most women only mature and release one egg per cycle. Sometimes that egg doesn't "release" like it should, and Clomid basically causes that egg to mature and release when it's supposed to, so you can more easily predict ovulation. Some women, on rare occasions, mature more than one egg at a time (those can result in fraternal, or non-identical, twins). It IS possible for Clomid to mature more than one egg, but really only in a woman that's already got more than one egg getting ready to "release." The rate of twins in Clomid users is 5% to 10% (depending on which doctor you ask, with the average answer being 8%). That is higher than in non-Clomis users, but not really enough to make it unsafe to use. The rate of multiples in IVF is actually quite low as well. That may not sound right, but think about this: Why is it such big news when someone has triplets, quads, or more ? Because it's RARE ! IVF has a low success rate, which is why doctors implant multiple embryos - 5 embryos MIGHT get you one baby. Then again, it might get you 10 (if they all split once), but the odds are 1 in 10 billion of that happening. I know a woman that had 3 embryos implanted, and one split, resulting in 2 non-twin babies, plus one set of identical twins. But that is a rare occurence. IVF is expensive, so I think more often people are implanting as many embryos as they can to increase the odds of a baby resulting, because going through it more than once is, as I said, costly, but also painful (lots of shots).
  • I would say yes. I recently conceived during fertility treatments and during an ultrasound, to check the approximate number of mature eggs, my doctor pointed out 10-14!!! When eggs mature, they will pass during ovulation, increasing the chances of having multiples. Needless to say, I had a VERY painful ovulation. We were told that if more than 3 eggs were fertilized, it was mandatory that we sit through counseling session. The process we used was artificial insemination (2 separate sessions)and were lucky enough to get pregnant on the first try. Many doctors will confirm this information.
  • Fertility drugs do not guarantee anything, but they increase the likelihood of having multiple births.
  • Quite high - fertility drugs do increases your chances of twins - especially the use of clomid - my friend actually had triplets using fertility treatment. For more info feel free to check out:
  • i was taking fertility drugs for 8 months and didnt even fall pregnant never mind get pregnant with twins everyones bodys work differently so what never happened for me may happen for you hope this helps x x x
  • Invetro makes it more and more likely because they fertilize more than one egg because it is very costly and a painful experience. They want to make it so its a deff on getting pregnant. A lot of other drugs do that because they put your reproductive organs in overdrive. More eggs causing more chances of getting pregnant.
  • Definitely. That's why you see so many celebrity twins.

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