• Think about all your friends on AB, Pouncey. Your dog. Your friends at school. Your dad, who loves you. What you're going to do after high school. We all get sad at times and it's a normal thing for kids to feel sad every so often. Just concentrate on the good things, the fun things. :-)
  • G'day Pouncey, Thank you for your question. We all get sad from time to time. However, if it is something that happens all the time, you should talk to a doctor about the problem. Friends and family can also help by talking it over with them. Regards
  • hon sometimes the sadness is caused by a chemical imbalance and is clinical depression as keith said maybe you should talk with a dr.
  • either you were never given/learned the proper tools to "cope" with the downs and help you find your center again or you are chemically imbalanced or I have no idea, just wish I could help.
  • You should probably get a complete physical and a psychological evaluation if you find that you're sad all the time.
  • What made you sad dear? Try to get rid of the cause. The effects will change by itself.
  • If you are sad for a reason then you have to address the reason that you're sad. And it might be very difficult to figure out what exactly is making you sad, but really do some soul-searching. If you feel sad for absolutely no reason, and it's intense and messes with your life and well-being, then you might suffer from clinical depression and need some kind of help. Good luck :)
  • Happiness lies within... find it

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