• Give it to him, wait for my change and drive on.
  • Keep driving, as I've never seen him so wouldn't realise that it was him.
  • Shoot his eyes out or offer him a blow job.
  • prepare to pay my dues
  • Probably not realize he was THE Jesus. And keep going. Then tell everyone "I think I just saw Jesus in the toll booth" LOL
  • Ask him to forgive me as I drive off with my money.
  • Start laughing probably. And ask him if he´s allowed to work with long dirty hair and some kind of old dirty dress.. And when I´ve stopped laughing I´ll realise something and scream out: DUDE, FOR CHRISTS SAKE! WTF ARE YOU DOING IN A TOLL-BOOTH!? YOU´RE, LIKE, FAMOUS HERE, MAN! Can´t you refill my rolo´s? I´ve given the last one to the ugly chick, man.. And then I would be curious what happens next.. . But how would you react?
  • I probably woudln't recognize him, since he's much darker in person than all those Romanized images would have us believe.
  • Make sure I had bills, because the coins would drop through his hands! BRING ON THE DOWNRATES!
  • I would say "piss off, I need it more than you for God's sake!!"
  • I would say "Keep the change. You can thank me later".
  • Pay double.
  • WOW THE BLATANT DISRESPECT TOWARDS THE SON OF GOD IS TRULY SAD!!! ANYONE THAT KNOWS EVEN A FRACTION OF WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS, KNOWS THAT HE WOULD NEVER DO SUCH A THING AS WHAT YOU ASK. just in case you (the reader)do not know, the position Jesus holds right now as we speak is second only to his Father. meaning he is to be respected and held in the highest of esteem. the bible warns he will very soon direct his anger to those who malign and mock him as well as his Father. yet he will show loving kindness to those who learned to respect him as well as his Father Almighty, Jehovah God. time is running out, and we cannot excuse this behavior saying we did not know. ignorance is not an excuse.

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