• Nobody ever expected him to fix anything, given his arrogance, ignorance, lack of experience and hatred towards American values. If anything we expected him to make things significantly worse. And he did not disappoint.
  • Probably the same reason Bush was blamed for 9/11 and Catrina. It's politics.
  • In my experience you have 2 types of people who fall into this trap. The first kind are unsophisticated, usually with a fairly poor standard of education, which means they simply do not have the capacity to understand how things work. That when a politician pledges to get people working, he isn't actually promising the person a specific job, just an improvement in the economy. The second type are more insidious as they know the truth and are happy to twist it in order to stir up the first kind..... as you can probably guess, I'm all for giving him a break.
  • Are you a masochist? Do you like hearing from the terminally retarded? Here they come. Obama is a fine president. Asking why on here is equivalent to going to a town hall meeting and asking the Republicans to make sense.
  • the only people who expected him to change anything for the better are those who bought into his lies. anyone who had any kind of grip on reality realized he could never hold up to all the promises he made, therefore never expected anything to change for the better in the first place.
  • I personally don't expect him to fix an economy in one year. However I also don't expect him to practice socialism here in America, which is a redistribution of wealth. That is the worst thing ever Obama could do to the country. Redistribution never works. He will ruin economy completely.
  • Sensible people do not expect an economic turnaround in less than a year. Anyone who does is an idiot. I do, however, think a lot of Americans are troubled by his policies in the face of this recession. Is now really the time to add an enormous entitlement program? Shouldn't we be looking to cut deficit spending? Shouldn't we be looking to ease the tax burden on business to help save jobs? Can we withstand the economic harm his cap and trade scheme will likely cause? A lot of people perceive that his policies will do more harm than good, which is completely valid. I don't believe in all of the things he's trying to do either. I think the 2010 mid-term elections could very well be a referendum on his job performance. He's going to need to show some kind of economic recovery, or he'll have to instill more confidence in his policies. Right now a lot of people are skeptical that we're moving in the right direction.
  • Give the guy a break? But that would undermine my underhanded agenda to defame him at every oppoturnity. Since when does being a Republican have to include being fair and balanced?
  • You've got it wrong. People aren't stupid. We KNOW it's not possible for the President to accomplish much within his first year of office. His failure to do things quickly ALLOWS those who didn't want him in office to begin with the opportunity to moan, groan and complain about his "inefficiency". Had McCain been elected and his performance was similar, you wouldn't hear a gosh-darned thing.
  • Leaving aside the charge that anything wrong is by definition a 'Bush mistake', precisely when is the official time that we stop giving him or any other president a break? . I do realize he is being unfairly hammered (on some things), but shouldn't we establish when it's fair to start blaming the new guy and stop blaming the old guy?
  • Factotum might be my favorite commentor right now. Able to see both sides of all discussions takes some serious tolerance -- especially since both sides are so whiny! Kudos to you, Factotum.
  • Obama is doing a great job considering what he was left with ... a country that was hated by most of the world, a country so far up shit creek without a paddle it wasn't funny, a country with out of control greed and lack of proper regulations ... so yeah give him a break
  • It isn't just the 8 years of Bush we are talking about but the 100+ years before that. If you do not understand the "shadow government" of the USA you do not know who or why things go the way they do. Obama is just another puppet doing what he is told to do by the "power elite" who have controlled the governments since around 1774.
  • I am willing to be patient. I voted for the guy and then realized it wasn't about putting the right person into office, but about changing the whole system. That's why I think liberals and conservatives go head to head all the time. They both think as long as the country uses their principles, everything will be fine. The problem is the inherent flaws and corrupt nature of society itself. . For example, the economic recession. It's been blamed on Bush lowering rich people taxes and going crazy spending money on such unethical measures as the war in Iraq. However, how money is made is guaranteed to increase inflation, make the rich richer, and the country further into debt. Here's a rough breakdown. U.S. gov't asks the Fed for more money. The Fed is for all intents and purposes a private corporation. The Fed gives the gov't money in the amount they asked for, say $10b, then charges the gov't for $10b + interest. How can you pay back more than what is in circulation? It's a doomed system from the start, gov't policies just determine how quickly we get there. +3
  • absolutely, the nay sayers started after the second month...
  • Because the right is looking for any excuse whatsoever to blow up and say, LOOK..FAILURE! WE TOLD YOU SO! But then again the left does the same thing. The right is just pissed off and making a stink because they aren't all getting their way most of the time even though the left has bent HUGELY to the right.. What pisses me off more than anything else is that Americans of all stripes seem to think we're the only people who know how to do shit and all other nations are beyond stupid. The truth is we're the kings of fuckups. Just look at health care.. the MOST fucked up system on the globe.

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