• I'm not a rleigious nut job, but the free critical thinking skills of todays youth are seriously lacking. The text you are refering to were written when a woman was supposed to subserviant to man If you follow the dogma and the text it is implied, since it was forbidden to man, it was also forbidden to women by default. I'm not saying I believe it, but with just a small amount of thought it can be understood
  • You're right, female-female intercourse is never condemned or even addressed in Scripture. Probably because there's nothing really gross happening that makes it defilement as with male-male intercourse. But it's still extra-marital, therefore a sin.
  • I think when they say man in the bible, they mean anyone really. Man mainly means person in that statement.
  • "Now in the bible it says that thou shall not watch two lesbians in bed have homosexual sex, unless of course you were given the consent to join in then of course it's intercourse and it's bi-sexual sex which isn't as bad, as long as you show remorse for your actions either before during or after performing the act of that which is normally referred to as such more commonly known phrases that are used more by today's kids in a more deragatory way, but who's to say what's fair to say, and what not to say let's ask Doctor Dre, Doctor Dre, I got a question if I may is it play...putt putt golf with a friend? and watch his butt butt while he tees off, but, but, I ain't done yet in football the quarterback yells out hutt hutt while he reaches in another grown man's ass grabs on his nuts, but, just what if it was never meant it was just an accident but he tripped, fell, and his penis went in his teeny tiny little round hiney and he didn't mean it but his little weeny flinched just a little bit and I don't need to go into anymore details but.. what if he pictured it as a female's butt? is that gay? I just need to clear things up 'til then I'll just walk around with a manly strut, because....I AIN'T GOT NO LEGS!!! " - Eminem - "Rain Man"-
  • Ha! Thanks for a good laugh. Maybe that's what the men of that day thought when assigning thoughts to God.
  • & it says nothing as to his views on ladyboys.... I mean if he's god & all powerful he must have known they'd exist one day!

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