• I'm quite good at paint by numbers, but a rookie at watercolor and wash brushing. Very relaxing painting is.
  • I love painting but I am not very good at it and i am not creative at all so I alsio just do Painting By Numbers. I love to do the pictures of animals
  • I love painting, or at least used to. It was my escape from reality. I would just let the brush wander from globs of paint to the canvas and sometimes it turned out to be a work of art. Other times it was sh**. . Haven't painted for awhile, though family and friends have asked me to.
  • I like to paint outdoor scenes.
  • Fact from diction, truth from diction. Being an avid fan of Frank Franzetta I like painting fantacy art, buff barbarians and lucious babes, beast and other wild animals. I also love airveushing, and like the work of Hajime Sorayama, But I never got that good, he is a fricken airbeush god.
  • faces of people that don't need to be supervised because they don't really like it that way.
  • I like painting murals and have done that in many restaurants.I like drawing and am getting more into sculpting and am trying to find a niche in the arts market.

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